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  1. Hello again, It has been a long time but tried the above suggestion and the gauge works fine so now I am trying to locate and get to the actual sending unit. I though it was located on top of the tank in the engine room but no.... Even had to cut out some of the original plywood to get to where I thought it was but all that was there was the grounding wire :-( ...so where is the actual sending unit and how do I get it out to replace it?? As alway, thanks for all the help :-)
  2. Thanks Artemus, i will give it a try next week and let you know how it went
  3. Hello everyone, Had a great day on the water yesterday but....... My fuel gauge was reading about 1/4 tank and suddenly went to "E" , went to the marina and put about 40 gl. , no change on the gauge until we hit a few waves and it suddenly came up to 3/4, stopped reading again after awhile, etc. I assuming that the sending unite is on it's way out but where and how do I get to it ??? Any help with this would be great! Thanks
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