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  1. Well i checked every thing and still didnt work so ended up doing the old trick,... I thumped it!! and lo and behold its started to work again!! Who needs all this test gear.
  2. The tacho not working on my 214, 5.0mpi mercruiser, 2005.The grey wire on the back of tach(Imput?) goes into loom and back to engine, where should it be connected to? There is a grey/white stripe wire at the engine not connected to anything and pluged with a rubber bung. Tacho did work so thinking this not the wire.
  3. Ive just bought a 214fs with merc 260HP(2005) and it came with a 21" on it and a 23" spare. The 21 was a bit "dinged"but it seemed to go ok. I only went out for 15 mins because if was freezing but bright, the ice was blowing off the front of the boat!!. My dealer said it should have a 21 on it, this forum says a 19? dont know if to buy a 19 or wait till spring when i can try the boat a bit more.
  4. Just got a 2005 214FS boat. Merc 5.0 Lt 260 HP Alpha drive. What propwould suit ski and general run around. It has a 21in on but the forum said it would be a 19in standard??
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