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  1. I am requesting help regarding a stumble and stall issue I have with my 268ss. It starts and runs fine then after 5 minutes or 3 hours it will stumble, try to recover and usually quite. The fuel has been changed , the fuel pump and assemble has been replaced. It has no engine codes. The technician has 7 hours of run data with mixed info and opinion as to the cause. It appears it is losing fuel or pressure resulting in the computer trying to compansate but eventually unable to recover, hence the fuel pump assembly being replaced. Issue appears at load or no load. Is the fuel pickup a mat style filter or a open end tube? I am wondering if something in the tank is randomly blocking the pickup?Thanking you in advance.
  2. We bought a 2011 234/244 FSX late last summer, and we love it. It was in stock with the 300HP Merc and the Bravo III drive. I find it works well, and the fit and finish was great. We put about 38hrs on it with no issues.
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