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  1. Thanks Ian. My contact at Monterey also confirmed this and the black wire is the -12V
  2. I understand from Monterey that the 190LS does not have a three way switch on the dash for the Bilge Pump and the two position rocker functions as the on for manual and then off. When in the off position the float switch is feed by a fused line direct from the battery. I had removed the connecting wires from the float switch and bilge pump prior to undersatnding this and am struggling with rewiring this, (I know this should be simple!!). In the bilge area there are three wires entering from the harness; black, brown and brown/red. Can someone confirm my wiring diagram as to how this should be wired for a bilge bump and seperate float switch and the designation for each of the incoming harness wires.... Bilge Wiring.pdf Thanks
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