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  1. Most: One of the side port holes on my 2001 242 cruiser is leaking badly. It will need to be replaced. Where do I get a replacement and what is the part #?
  2. To the MOST, or any other knowing Monterey Owner: I have a 2001 242 Cruiser. There are 4 plastic Air Vent Fittings thru the side, for Fuel, Water etc. The 4 plastic screw on covers have disintegrated. How can I get replacements covers without having to replace the entire vent as suggested by West Marine? Other than that and Gas Prices, Boating has been GREAT! Thanks
  3. To MOST, or anyone who may have the answer... The windshield wiper motor is dead. What is the part # and where can I buy one? I have seen other AFI motors for sale, there is a differance in the post length and the Arc degree. Thanks Brian 2001 Monterey 242CR Cruiser
  4. You connect the red cables to a positive terminal on each battery and the black to the negative. There should also be 2 smaller wires for each battery in black and white. These are from the battery charger. The black goes on the negative and white on the positive. There should be a heavy black cable that goes on to the negative of one battery with a jumper black cable to connect to the negative on the other battery. That should be all your wires. Brian
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