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  1. Hello, I was hoping someone could help me out. My 298ss is winterized and on the lift for the winter but I am wanting to order stainless steel cupholders and a new steering wheel for it so I can have them ready when I go to the lake and get the boat ready for the season. I have looked at marine cupholders and have found two different sizes it seems. Does anyone know the size cutout that the 298 requires? Also I am wanting to order a new steering wheel like the 318ssx comes with, or something similar. I have found many Victor Dino steering wheels but they are all different sizes. Does anyone know what size they steering wheel is? Im guessing around 12" or so but want to make sure!
  2. I ordered a template kit and tried to trace one for my Baja but never sent it in to have made. I would like to find a pre-made template for my 298ss.
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