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  1. Had similar problem last year with 214FS. It turns out of be the fuel pump, according to the mechanic who replaced it.
  2. Hi, I have a 2007 FS21 which comes with a Kenwood audio set, which has two Kenwood Commander KTS-RC100MR Marine Remote Controls (wired). Both remotes have power when the main Kenwood radio set is turned on, but the buttons on both Remote Control are not working. I did connected a new Remote Control the the main radio set, but it shows the same symptoms. So I think it is something wrong with the main kenwood set. Apparently, there is no more support for this Kenwood radio/CD set. Any pointer to troubleshoot and/or resolve the issue will be appreciated.
  3. Hi, I lived in Seattle area and owns 2007/8 214F. I dock and use my boat in the lake for 5 months. This is the time that I need to pull my boat out and store the boat on the trailer outdoor. I would like to seek feedback on the maintenance steps I would do in preparation of winter storage: 1. Clean the green algae off the bull with the cleaner (Blue ? I can't remember the name, but it is a blue gel) 2. Spray off the dirt with water pressure gun. 3. Use Rubbering compound on those area which appers dull. 4. Wax the whole hull with marine wax. 5. Send it to boat dealer for oil change and winterization Is there any other step that is needed? Also, I have few other questions: 1. I have red color body and white hull, how do I maintain the gel coat's "brightness"? 2. How oten do I change the anode (Aluminium or Magnesium) on the Volvo Penta Outdrive? i.e. how to tell from looking at the size of the anode. 3. Do I need to paint the Volvo outdrive where the paint peels off. What type of paint and where can I buy the gray color paint? 4. Do I need to do maintenence to the trailer? (EZdrive) Thanks.
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