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  1. First, welcome home. Second, make adjustments on your insurance policy if your finances have changed Engines and Fuel Systems • Inspect fuel lines for brittleness or cracking. • Clean and tighten both ends of the battery cables. Check the battery water level. • Check fuel tanks, fuel pumps, filters and cooling hoses for any leaks. Trailers • Inspect tires and sidewalls for cracks and check air pressure. • Check/ replace bearings and repack as needed as these tend to run dry after repeated exposure to water and long term storage. • Check lights on trailer and boat Before Launching • Examine the prop for dings etc. and the hull for cracks. . Check your Zinc • With your boat still on the trailer confirm your bilge pump is working and any valves are closed Before leaving Home • Check expiration dates on flares and fire extinguishers. • Inspect ropes and lines for chaffing or rot • Update or replace old charts and waterway guides. • Make sure your boating registration is up-to-date and current stickers attached . Replace batteries in flashlights, smoke detector etc. Finally, given it was winterized properly by a certified dealer that you trust, I see no reason that they wouldn't have a through list of (to do's) in bringing the boat out of hibernation. Best wishes for a fun and safe boating season
  2. Does anyone have advice on In-Motion Satellies. I currently subscribe to DirecTV

  3. A bilge pump removes unwanted water that has accumulated and may get into your oil or sink your boat.
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