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  1. It's that time of the season and I need to change my oil for the first time in a 2000 262 cruiser with the 5.7 liter mercruiser engine....what type of viscosity does everyone here recommend? and does this engine use synthetic oil or conventional ?
  2. what happens if you want to sleep on the boat overnight and you want the sliding cabin door to be open without having flies/bugs get in....is there a sliding screen door or something available to cover the sliding cabin door?
  3. turns out it was the stern drive reservoir float that was reading the incorrect oil level, alarm buzzer is gone now....you guys really know your stuff, thanks
  4. I checked the oil level last night and it was all the way full...will look into the reservoir float next
  5. the gauge lights up and you can play around with setting the numbers for shallow and deep but the actual readout of the gauge shows like this -.- with no actual numbers or anything, pretty sure it's the transducer, just need to know where it is..thanks
  6. 2000 262 cruiser with a 5.7 mercruiser engine....after operating boat for about 20 minutes the warning alarm keeps beeping loudly, the engine temp read 160F the oil pressure is normal at 40 psi, the voltage is normal at 13 volts or so...I can't figure out why this beeping occurs, the depth gauge does not work and I keep it in the off position but the beeping is non stop, really cannot use the boat until this is corrected, it is very annoying, any advice as to what could be causing this?
  7. can not get my depth gauge to display any reading, it lights up and I have set the parameters but the display does not show any number...I am assuming the transducer is faulty but can't seem to find where it is located...does anyone know?
  8. I'm new to boating and from what I can tell the trim tabs do absolutely nothing when I am under way...back at the dock with the key in the on position and engine off I had somebody press each button up and down...I can definitely hear the motor operating but the tabs do not seem to move at all? you should be able to see them move correct? anyway I can further diagnose this?
  9. we just bought a 2000 262 cruiser and was wondering what that rear cutout panel aft of the wet bar is used for? looks like maybe a cooler can be put in there...is that what it's for?
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