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  1. I have an o7 194fs. I am trying to remove the cockpit coming bolster pads to do some work to the boat. Most of em have no visible mounting screws. Is there a way of removing them without damaging them?
  2. I have a 2007 194fs. There is a sink in the port side of the rear swim deck with a fresh water sprayer in it. The switch turns on a pump to pump water from ur fresh water tank to the sprayer. There is a fresh water fill in the built in cooler in the starboard side of the swim deck with a 12 gallon fresh water tank that sits in the left side of the engine bay.
  3. Thank u rip 5. I had a 14.25 x 21 4 blade aluminum prop on it and it was too much for it. Could only reach 4200 rpm. I was curious if it was too much because of the pitch or because of the extra blade. Will look into the prop u recommended.
  4. HI, I recently purchased a 07 monterey 194fs with a 190hp 4.3 and volvo penta sx outdrive. Wot on this boat is max of 4600 rpms. I am searching for anyone else who owns a similar boat to ask what prop size they run. Id like to prop it w a 3 blade stainless, but have no idea what size. Any help is greatly appreciated!!
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