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  1. Ok, the goal is to install dual trumpet style horns. I cant find a good location by the old ones. I don't want to block the anchor locker, and that is where you stand to tie up to the cleat anyway. I found 1 pic on the Internet of someone that has them mounted on the starboard side by the windshield near the windshield wiper. The issue is, how do I get wiring there? If you take out the helm gauge cluster, you can see through to a point, but you wouldn't reach that area as the helm meets the rest of the upper body. If you look inside the helm access panel, on the right/starboard side you see wiring access panels, but there is no reaching them and no way to get to them up top. Then I though, what if the windshield wiper motor blew? How do you replace it?? Has to be a way, right? It seems to be in the area above the head (toilet) (which the whole head is an enclosure) or just next to it above the vinyl covered ceiling. Question - Has anyone run trumpet horns to this location? How? Question - Has anyone replaced the windshield wiper motor? How? Question - Has anyone (successfully and not destructively) removed/reinstalled the ceiling panel next to the head/starboard portal? If I get an answer to the windshield wiper motor, I can figure out how to run the wires for the horns. I love this boat but accessing wiring and access to things in general is just so frustrating. HELP!!!
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