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  1. Hello, I have a 2003 volvo penta 8.1. Today when I went to start it the starter would click once but not turn. At first I thought it was a low battery but after checking voltage it is not. Now I am asuming its the starter. Now its a 2003 so I have no problem putting in a complete brand new starter. Is this a common marine starter? Does it still just bolt on like a normal chevy starter? Can I install a good Tilton Starter in place of the stock starter? Thanks
  2. Thanks for your advise I did change the relays just a few weeks ago, but the contacts they plug into are corroded. I will use the cleraner you speak of and clean them up. If that does not work is there a new end I can put on the existing wire harness for my relays to plug into? Sprint406
  3. Hello My outdrive is Volvo Penta duo prop. 2003 was the year my boat was made.
  4. The contacts where the relays plug in that lower and raise my lower unit are corroded. What is the best way to clean them and is there something I can put on them to help keep the corrosion at bay? To raise my unit now I have to have a friend work the switch while I go back and mess with the relays until the right contact is made.
  5. I have a 2003 265CR and the power steering feels hard. I would think it should be more like a car feel since its the same technology. Is it common for the steering to feel hard? I have checked the fluid and it is fine.
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