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My Monterey
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Boating in Portugal, Europe

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I´ve bought a 278sc boat and i´ll ride him in January, i´m very happy about it, and i´m wonder if the boat performence is really good as it seems off the water.

Congratulation´s to all who design this boat, and i´ll tell you when i test it in south Portugal how good he really is in open sea.


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:rolleyes: Hi all again,


After a lot off problems ( problems result by the changes i had in my mind to this boat) finally i tested the boat on the open sea, first off all i make some changes on the boat, i take out the front stairs and change to a electric winch, it´s cover by the stairs cover so the only thing you see is the anchor the rest is cover, change the cooler system and put the mercruiser fresh water system that make me change the ECM, i instaled the northstar complete system to smartcraft so i have all engine information on my GPS like consuming curves and how much gasoline it take in diferent rpm (if you wont to do this don´t forget to buy a juntion box for smartcraft and a gasoline smartcraft sensor), and the radio conect to the gps, instaled a land conection, and batery charge and converser, a radar defletor, make some upgrades to the way monterey ends a boat ( some selant on some places on the boat and a electric cover for the wires that was in the cabin and to the engine compartment so the wires was not in contact with any thing), and i instaled in the swimplataform the nautley system for my dynhgi so i can launch to water so easy and take him anywhere.This i thanks to mercruiser dealer in Albufeira he make my dreams get real and make all changes in my boat.


The sea this weekend wasn´t the best for a test the wind was 28-35 km/h and the sea with 1 meter in a interval off waves by 3 to 5 seconds, so it was a day for jumping in waves, not the best i like so i have took a 25 min ride going in the same direction off the waves, wich make me see that the boat ride very nice some waves came on my right side just a litle trim tab and the front was horizontal, very nice, the speed i choose was 32 - 35 mph (if i see corectly i make some confusion with knots) when i turned to the marina i had the waves on front and by my left side as well, well...... that´s when i get the idea to check out how the boat perform with the engine so i give and take gas as the waves come yes it jump from one wave to another even i heard the engine working outside the water it was really nice, it dind´t get to one side or another it just go strait to another wave, so i make another test go with less gas and try to see how make the boat not jump and still going on plane, when then that´s when i get the really idea i bought the boat i have in mind, it was wonderfull go up go down but it dosen´t jump just a smooth up and down, i love the 278sc, i will make more rides to see what it can do how it turns on full gas and make some S to see how he andles, by the way, the dinghy was on the swimplatform and he didn´t move an inch congratulations to nautley their solution for my boat was wonderful

I will have to know how to use the trim tabs with the engine trim, my last boat didn´t have the trim tabs i´m still learning that, on the marina get the boat to my place was easy, but too all in monterey i take my hat out nice work on this boat keep the good work we´ll keep on buying them.


Ride with your heart

Ride to the horizon


Best Regards



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