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My Monterey
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296 cruiser

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I hawe a 1997 296 cruicer. I will refresh the hull, and wonder if anyone can help me with the gelcoat colourcode or number. And where to find the decalstripes for the hull. I live in the southern part of Norway. Where is my nearest Monterey dealer.


Henrix of Norway :)

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Hello Henrix,


The 1997 Cruiser exterior gelcoat was a Cook Composites Pearl White #954-WA-446. make certain your boat is a 1997 (the hull identification number will end in 97)as Monterey changed gelcoat vendors in 96, 97 and 98!


The original graphics for your boat are no longer available from the vendor. You can select from the current graphics and to see them, go to our home page and click on the Cruiser/Sport Yacht collection.


Your Norway Monterey dealer is:


Best Boats

Tjollingveien 191

Larvik, NO 3261

0047 33 13 11 00


Contact This Dealer



Gnisten Marine

Svendborg - Denmark

Contact for Norway

+45 62 21 49 21


Contact This Dealer

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Thank you wery much for answere.

I wonder if you also can tell me where to find the hull number. I hawe been told to find it on the transom. Starbord side, above waterline. I can not find the number. Is this the right place?



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