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  1. I wish I could find this April 07 article....I searched but to no avail...



    Hey red298SC


    You can buy a "digital back issue of the April 07 Boating at http://www.zinio.com/gncsingles?issn=0006-5374&ns=usa or you may look on the boating Magazine website for a back issue section, although I didn't see it.


    Glad the Admin for this site has tweaked something, I posted a couple of replies today and they are showing up now instead of several days later. Good Fix!

  2. Hi Everyone,


    My wife and I take delivery of our 2008 400SY this coming week. Just saying hello to everyone at this point. Needless to say we are very excited, and hope that we can get together with other owners in VA and surrounding areas for group outings and great fun.



    Joe & Debbie

    Hope Springs Marina

    Stafford, VA



    Glad to see that some people are buying boats this year. I have a 318SSX on order since Feb. It is just going into production on 4/9/08. Just curious how long did you had to wait for yours or did you take dealer stock? Post a picture.

  3. Just bought - new to me. Had it about an hour when it had to go into winter storage. 2 questions. (1) Must have over looked, but I do not see the cusions that convert the V - Berth from a table. Where can I buy these? Can I order replacements. Also, I had the boat checked out by a surveyor. He told me that boat had 250 hours on it, confirmed by the meter. Unfortunately, I never checked this, and now I can not find an hour meter. It is definitely no at the helm. Could it be anywhere else?




    Thanks for your help





    I know on a Merc package a dealer can read the ECM on the engine and tell what the actual engine hours are, I assume a volvo would be the same. Hope that helps.

  4. I wish I could find this April 07 article....I searched but to no avail...

    Look in the Boating magazine website . I think they have a archive tab. They tested a 07 298SSX that was equiped with Gaffrigs. They mentioned the feel of those controls.

    Interesting enough the 08 Monterey's now come with Mercury Zero Effort controls not Gaffrigs. I have a 318SSX on order and I was informed that is what they come with. If you examine the couple pictures of this boat on the website of the Zero Effort controls you can see a G stamped on the side of the lever. I assume that Gaffrig makes the Mercury branded "Zero Effort" controls. I have looked at some articles on line & it looks like that the controls are adjustable for detent and friction by adjusting a small screw (Allen head?), just inside the boot at the bottom of the controls. Those screws are supposed to be accessable & adjustable without removing the controls. I have not done this, just did a little research on line. Maybe someone could chime in who has done the adjustment.

  5. The gauges on my 2001 302 are corroded and some not working well anymore. Who was the manufacturer of these gauges (Faria?) and what is the series?




    You may wish to contact Faria. I think they have a lifetime warranty unless due to owner negelct? May be a Faria website.


  6. Question to MOST


    I have a 08 318SSX on order. I am looking at replacing the stock Delta anchor with an aftermarket polished stainless one. My question is what size anchor comes with this boat model?

    I got a reply back from one the Factory reps. = they come with Delta 14LB anchors if anyone needs to know.

  7. While I am still looking for the Install sheet and instructions...I no longer need specific help on the split...seems Mercruisers' documentation is presented in such a manner as to help me. Thank You all for reading and support. BTW Graffigs' site, Graffigperformance, does not contain any documentation that I could find.



    I am curious as to feel of a CORRECTLY adjusted Gaffrigs. I have drove 2 differrent 298SS with Gaffrig controls neither of which had the detent feel to the throttle described in the April 07 Boating Magazine test. I went to the Gaffrig website when I saw your post. There too they describe a detent adjustment?? I suspect the boats I drove, both testers, had incorrectly adjusted controls. I have a 318SSX on order with Gaffrigs and want to be right!! I hope they are working on this website. I posted a couple things and it took 3-4 days for my post to appear??

  8. Currently has 305's which are adequate with a low fuel load and one or two people on board, but with a full fuel load and food/drinks for a day on the water, she's very slow out of the hole and painfully slow to plane and top end suffers tremendously (low 50's down to high 30's). Thinking of swapping in built 383's and curious if anyone has gone this route or has any other experience repowering the 298 series.


    Thanks in advance,


    2003 298SC "Nautically Nauti"

    Hi Brian,


    I had a similair problem with my last boat. A 27 ft. O/B with a 350 mag Bravo3. It came out of the factory with the wrong Bravo prop set. Once the correct prop set was put on it ran 10 times better and would wind up to the correct rpm at top end also. I found out by emailing the factory. If I recall, it had one range higher pitch than it should have, 24 pitch instead of a 22 pitch prop set & was slow out of the hole and slow at top end. We switched it out and all was well. I know there are at least 3 298SS O/B down here where I boat. The dealer I ordered my boat from has'nt had anyone complain of lack of power to him. All those were 305/5.0L MPI's making 260hp.

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