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    Speaker addition.

    I have a M-45 with the premium sound system. Has anyone added more speakers? I was thinking of putting 2 more in front of the hatch but unsure if that will affect the hatch motor by adding the extra weight.
  3. I contacted Monterey parts directly for my 2001 262 cruiser. I’d suggest checking directly with them. here’s the info I received: Carissa 352-528-2628 Fiberglass color info provided by Monterey parts 3/20/18: Spectrum is manufacturer. Spectrumcolor.com 800 754-5516 2000-2015 – all Monterey boats used same color: Pearl White Color code: 18001
  4. I own a 2015 335 SY. I'm experiencing some minor spider cracking in the gel coat near the helm area. The gel coat is gray, but does anyone know the color code so that I can pass it along to my fiberglass/gel coat guy? I've attached a picture to give you the sense of the color. Thanks!
  5. The stainless cup holders we bought to replace the original had the center drains in them. Pretty sure we just bought them on ebay or Amazon.
  6. They are 2 separate pumps for sure. Have you opened up the pump? From prior experience on another boat that primeless style of pump can jam up the outlet flow when they fail. The teeth get hard and break off.
  7. We are the new proud owners of that exact boat. It's the twin 4.3 ltr version. Very roomy with a comfortable ride. Gets out of the whole and performs better than I would have expected. We came out of a 25''. No complaints thus far!
  8. I am looking for a PDF of an owners manual for a 2000 322 Cruiser. Any help would be most. appreciated.
  9. I have a 2004 298ss. I need to re-upholster the seats. I am having a difficult time getting the seats removed. See picture of seats that I need advise on how to remove.
  10. A windlass switch would be near the shifters at the helm, there would also be a large circuit breaker at the helm for the winch start looking there first since the polarity for the red and black wire changes at the switch.
  11. How can I reset the "service Soon" message on the tachometer digital readout. I'm at about 150 hours and the engine and outdrive have been service. The boat is a 2015 295SY
  12. Have a 276 without windlass there are two 10 or 8 gauge wires red and black in anchor locker which i assume are pre ran for a later install of windlass. does anyone know where other end of these wires come out at ? i am trying to utilize these for power to a searchlight i have installed, as not to have to fish new wires. Thanks in advance.
  13. Good morning all, The mariner lost my gas cap while filling the boat. The gas cap is different to the water and waste caps in size. It is a 2" cap where the others are 1,3/4 inches. Finding this cap has become very difficult and the next step is to replace the whole thing when it comes out of the water! Not a task I am looking forward to. Does anyone have a line on a where these are sold? Thank you in advance.
  14. Hi, I have the same ones. They just unscrew and then you can remove the glass.
  15. Wir besitzen eine Monterey 270SEL ca 20 Jahre alt, mit zwei Mercruiser 4,3l,. hat jemand eine Bedienungsanleitung?
  16. I'll have mine on it's Pheonix trailer in a couple of weeks, and I'll check. I'm guessing mine will be the same, but don't have a picture of the underside. Although I may have a video the dealer took that shows it. Will check.
  17. I have recently purchased an 1996 Monterey 256 5.7l that had been sitting for a year with 30 gallons of gas in it. I added seafoam and stabill marine 360, performed a tune up, new plugs, distributor cap and rotor, plug wires, coil and NEW carburetor. Also added 30 gallons of new gas and it ran fine on 1st run but now will not get above 3k rpms and will not go faster than 8 knots. Tuned carb, compression is between 125 and 140 psi between all cylinders. Also changed the fuel water separator. I am running out of ideas. Should I drain all the gas, clean out the tank and start over ? Also, What is the best way to drain the tank ? PLEASE HELP!!! LOL
  18. Hello Fellow Boaters! I have a 2019 M22 that recently has trouble showing the correct gas amount. it seems to constantly change while were boating. Sometimes it shows empty, sometimes it shows 1/4 tank, etc.. Any ideas?
  19. Can anyone confirm with me the estimated overhead clearance for my 2004 298 SC while on the trailer? The specs say 8' overhead clearance but when I have the boat on the trailer it looks like I need a 14 foot door if I want the boat to fit into a garage. I'm ultimately trying to figure out if I need a 12' or 14' garage door for the boat. Thanks.
  20. Very basic question. What size bedding best fits the Monterey 355SY? I just purchased a used 2017 and would like to purchase bedding while waiting for it to be delivered. I can’t find any information on this. Any suggestions or information would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  21. Just picked up a new-to-me 2015 224FS. It didn't come with a bow ladder, but it did come with a stern ladder (which is useless because it also has the swim platform that makes it unusable and the swim platform has it's own ladder). Wondering if it's the same ladder that I can simply move to the bow? I once saw a parts manual online to check numbers, but can't find it now.
  22. 92’. 29’ cuddly cabin inboard-outboard with a 350magnum. What is the top speed this should go in the ocean? I bought it used. Any thoughts ... It goes only 10 miles per hour at 30 RPMs , full throttle. Stacey would appreciate any information you have… Thank you so much in advance!!
  23. I own a 2014 Monterey 234SS with a Mercruiser 300HP 350 Mag with 130 hours. When shifting out of neutral the engine takes a few seconds to go into gear and makes a clunking feel and noise. Just got an oil change and drive lube replaced at 110 hours. Not sure if it’s related to gear shift problem but got a drive lube low alert and drive lube is showing low. What could cause this?
  24. Hi there. Im trying to find out where I can order interior parts from....? Specifically, I need to replace the Black trim around the door opening going down into the cabin. Looks like Monterey part number 45553228-00-TRIM, and I need to replace the vinyl on the cabin steps too. Looks like Monterey part number 25701500-00-FLOR. We have a 2015 295 SY. I can only find these numbers in the manual. When I search Google and dealer websites, these numbers do not come up for me. The manual I found is in the link below. http://montereydealer.net/PartsManuals/2015%20Parts%20Manuals/2015%20295SY%20Parts%20Manual.pdf I appreciate the help!!
  25. start by replacing the radiator cap and make sure raw water pump is moving water through the heat exchanger.
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