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  2. Recently bought a 2005 248lc, came across the bathroom sink hose was leaking. Found that the drain hose was broken in half. Removed the old one but have not been able to snake it back from the shower pump to the sink. Anyone know where it is supposed to run through to the sink?
  3. thnx for sharing this info
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  5. Took the boat out over the weekend and the engine kept shutting off after a while. I wasn't even able to make out of the channel. To keep a long story short, when I got back I connected the computer to it and it gave me 2 errors. DTC 0650: MIL Driver Open SPN 1213 and it also gave me DTC 1663: PWM7 open / ground short SPN 926 I thought it had to do with an Engine Control Module on my Volvo Penta 300, but I couldn't find it anywhere. Does anyone have any advice or recommendations on how to fix this?
  6. Is this still possible? edit: nevermind, I called a couple dealers and they're all saying it's no longer available.
  7. Hi all, I just picked up a 1994 265. I found the 2004 Owners Manual here in the forum, but I was hoping to get a hold of the 93-94 owners manual. I spent a couple weeks digging around with Google and wasn't able to find it. Any chance anyone has a copy handy?
  8. What part numbers are gauges on 2002 Monterey 268S? Are they hard to install?
  9. Solve right turns sometimes water back flows through bilge
  10. the access is located behind the built-in trash door on the wet bar. You have to remove the door hatch and pull the circular disk that is silicone to the deck to get access to the fuel sending unit. that access is pretty much limited to the fuel sending. to access more of the tank you can remove the built-in storage compartment that is located just aft of the wet bar I believe there's 4 screws. using that access and the engine compartment access you should be able to work on the anti siphon valve.
  11. Hey everyone, I didn't see a dedicated thread to this, but I figured I'd introduce myself. We just closed on a '94 Monterey 265. We're in the SF Bay Area. First time owners, though I've been around and driven boats for years in my teens. Given the waters we'll be in (SF Bay & NorCal delta) and what we'll be doing with it (cruising, just moored and studying/working) I thought a 25ft+ would be a good first start, offering additional convenience over a bowrider and better able to handle the chop. Anyway, good to meet you all! I've been doing some research over the last few weeks and it doesn't look like the '94 265 was a hugely popular model. Even finding the exact manual has proven troublesome. I'm sure we'll learn a lot from this forum! Cheers
  12. What is the easiest way to drain the fuel from the tank on a Monterrey 250cr ?
  13. I just bought a 2009 278 SSX. It comes with a fiberglass arch. Can I install an aftermarket wakeboard pylon to the top so I can wakeboard behind it? Will the arch support the stress? Thanks, ~MVP
  14. Hello, we just purchased our 246, was wondering if the helm seats are supposed to slide all the way back for table access seating at the back table? Mine are stuck in one spot as of now, don't want to force it if it is not supposed to do this? Any other info on this boat is appreciated, I have had strictly ski type boats, this is my first cabin boat, looking forward to loving it!
  15. My 2004 245CR has no seacocks. There are no below the waterline hull penetrations. Water for the shower sink and toilet are fed from the fresh water tank.
  16. M.O.S.T. I need to replace the bilge pump. I got in and it looks like there are 2 pumps in the engine bay, pump- float sw- pump I had not seen the second pump until recently. I was planning on installing an Attwood SAHARA 1100 and removing the float sw. Could you explain how the existing system works does the float sw work on both pumps?
  17. What is the top speed of a 2021 Monterey 295SY with 6.2 liter 350 hp Cat DTS Merc Bravo III?
  18. Getting ready to buy a used 2016 w 160 hours on twin Volvos w joystick. Any words of caution? Any forum members that can share with me insights on this boat. We have compared this against Chapparal, Cobalt, Regal - all w cuddly cabin and while Mony cuddy is small we like the price point.
  19. I just purchased this 1994 monterey 230 explorer. I cant find a owners manual anywhere and most important it doesnt have a prop on it. Does anyone have info on the prop it came with or one that will work. 5.7l mercruiser alpha 1 gen 2
  20. Iqbal


    Need to get some small-ish parts for a 295SCR 2010 model. Does anyone know of someone in the UK who might have parts? Or maybe in Europe of the USA? Been searching on-line and its not been easy
  21. hi I trailer my 2000 302 every year to and from the launch. When I pulled the boat home from Indiana to Michigan and went over the cat scales it was 13k with an empty gas and water tank. Make sure you get the correct oversized permits because the boat is 10ft wide.
  22. on my 2000 302 the same thing happened it turned out i had to replace the GFI outlet. It was the first outlet that was daisy chained to all of the other outlets in the boat
  23. EuroYachting did the suggestion from Jakedace work for you? I have the same issue.
  24. Admin help, I have a 2006 Monterey 250 CR (RGFCB668K506) need gelcoat colors (#'s) and vinyl seat colors (#'s). Thank you.
  25. Does anyone with a model 254 fs bow rider or cuddy have trim tabs on their boat? Were they installed at the factory or after market? I have searched the internet for pictures showing a 254 with tabs but have found none. It makes me wonder if for some reason, they cannot be installed on this boat.
  26. I would like to fit retrospectively a bowthruster to my Monterey 250 built 2007. Is there a preferred position to site it and if so are there details available on how to decide on the location in the bow? Any advice appreciated!!
  27. Does anyone know the gph on a 32’ Monterey
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