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  2. I have a 2009 340 Monterey sport yacht with Volvo 5.7 gxi motors. I’m getting a caution check engine on my starboard engine, it comes on after about 10 minutes at running speed. All engine indications are normal and engine is running perfectly. When I switch on the oem mode I get the fault codes ( mid 120, Sid 90 , fmi 4 ) I cannot find these codes anywhere, in manuals, on line or from Volvo. Does anyone know where I can find the codes explanation or know what they mean? Thank you! Jerry
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  4. ,,,My 2018 278SS is pre wired for a Windlass . Do I have to get the Windlass from a Monterey dealer or can I get it direct from the manufacturer?
  5. Okay, I'll provide one final update and leave it be since there's no one here who responds. I figured out the switches on a rare day my broke butt could get under the console to have a look. Left unknown wires in the engine bay could have been a 2nd bilge maybe, but is currently capped off. I'll utilize it for something down the line. Right 2 unknown switches were not running anything (nothing connected to the output terminal). I'll use those for accessory lighting and accessory plugs (Charging ports, etc). Finally, the tilt/trim system that is INOP. I am getting power to activate the solenoids on both up and down. Motor is doing nothing. No noise, NADA! So, I'm inclined to believe the motor is shot. There are no part numbers on the thing at all, and web searching across many many boating part websites, does not come up with a single match. I did however, find 2 OME used on eBay and made offers on both. We will see which one bites. Hopefully that'll solve the trim problem and I can at least get this rig out on the water to see how she runs (runs fine on water ears right now). I doubt I'll be back to make any further updates in this ghost forum. Sticking with iBoats. Good luck to the rest of the Monterey Newbies who are trying to get help with their rigs.
  6. Parts seem to be hard to find for the old Monterey's. And any assistance on this website unfortunately seems to not exist. I have been asking some simple questions on my newly acquired 206 SCR for over a month and not one response. I suggest trying the iBoat Forum while you wait on anyone here to provide assistance. Good Luck
  7. Are you certain that the senders are working correctly? It may not be a gauge problem.
  8. Check that the wires on the back of the Aux input are connected to the stereo system input.
  9. I have a 1996 296, I can’t figure out what these two rocker switches are for? Pictures below.
  10. Anyone know the teleflex steering cable length for a 1995 Monterey 256 Cruiser. Stern drive
  11. My babe's name is Marley, yes I am Cuban-Jamaican!
  12. Hi, I'm trying to find a more detailed electric wiring diagram for the Edge 180. The one in the owner's manual is very basic. It's not helping figure out where all the leads from the battery go. Thanks in advance, Pete
  13. Does anyone know where I can get a replacement steering wheel for my 2004 Monterey 265? The PN is WHEEL-MS1103621BSM. Thanks in advance to everyone. CubanSkipper
  14. Did you find what you were looking for?
  15. And another one, featuring my Onyx/red 214 Supersport together with 3 other boats, having fun in the Swedish archipelago
  16. Okay, I get the manual. I only suggested that as an option to tell me which switches do what. So we can forget the boat manual.I finally had some time to spend on the boat this morning before it got to be 1,000 degrees outside with 100% humidity.....yuk!!TOP LEFT1) Horn2) Nav Lights (3-way)3) **??Unknown??**4) Engine Compartment Air Vent Fan**Switch #3 on the left? I found 2 capped off wires in the engine bay area (one Black, one Brown w/white stripe). I get 12vdc on this wire group when Left side #3 switch is turned on. Any idea what that may go to? I haven't found anything back there that is missing a connection or not powered already? I could connect a nice spot light or inside LED strips to it if it isn't supposed to go to something else nothing else. TOP RIGHT1) Dash Console Backlights (some bulbs out)2) Bilge3) ??Unknown??4) ??Unknown??Don't know yet what Right Side #3 and #4 are for yet. They light up when turned on, but don't activate anything. I even checked for the radio and the accessory "cig lighter/charging" port, but both of those are always HOT even with key off. I'll have to get under the console to figure that out I reckon. I'm hoping nothing and it's just maybe some extra ACC circuits I can add things to. It started getting too damned hot just that fast, so I stopped there. Got a few things on order that I needed.- Nav lights front/back- New radio - screen burnt/unusable on the one installed- Cup holder inserts (missing a couple)Still haven't found a source for the glove box door. I do have the fwd/rear seat sets in my iBoat shopping cart, but haven't spent that coin just yet.
  17. Wow! 350 views and no one can assist or have any comments? I thought this was the forum to go to for the Monterey crowd, but apparently I was incorrect. I'll guess I'll jump over to iBoats and see what details I can get from there.
  18. Hi All, I am new to the forum. I have 1998 246 SEL and most of the gauges have stopped working. Does anyone know which instrument manufacturer they used for my model? Is there a depth gauge display that will work with the current transducer or would I have to replace the whole assembly? Thank you in advance for your assistance. Steve
  19. The port side graphic lines with the 214 logo, just under the windows are already damaged by sun... Where/how can I get hold of new ones? Or can I order a set o 2 for the 218 instead + the 218SS logo that I have over the swim platform somehow?
  20. I have a 214 Supersport from 2014 with the Volvopenta 270 and sx outdrive. In the bottom of the rpm meter i have a display showing selected values from the engine but all these are in US values. Can that be changed into european ones instead somehow?
  21. Come on Monterey Fanatics.....anyone have any advice for me? 160+ views and no comments. Guess I'm going to try the iboat forum too.
  22. You need to provide a bit more info here. - Does the radio work on normal modes without plugging in the aux port cable (AM/FM/CD/etc)? There is no fuse that would be just for the Aux port portion in any radio that I have ever dealt with (and there have been many over the years)
  23. It could be a number of problems. Is the radio working? The amplifier has a few fuses that might be blown. A second problem could be related to the power supply. Look for the circuit breaker and see if the breaker is supplying power to your receiver. It might be a faulty circuit breaker. I just replaced my breaker . They are cheap about 4-5 dollars.
  24. If anyone gets a HPF error code on their A/C unit and the sea strainer is clear, try priming the pump. I recently had my boat pulled to get the throttle cable fixed and lost prime on the A/C unit which cause a HPF error on my A/C unit. This is a Marine Air System. On the dock I used the water hose and went to the water discharge thru hull and sprayed water into the thru hole for a minute. Went back to inside of the boat, turned the A/C unit and viola. I hope this helps someone.
  25. Hey all, I am a new owner of a project 1992 Monterey 206 SCR (Open Bow) 20' with Yamaha v8 I/O (apparently another unicorn according to another forum). Not new to boats and boat projects by any means, but I found this forum to try and find some info on the model in question. so far, the interweb has let me down. I can't find much of anything for parts or manuals for a '92 206 SCR. Heck, even searching this forum using just "206" only came up with one thread that wasn't even about a 206 specifically. So, my question for you folks is this: Are parts and manuals for this generation of 206 SCR (1992-1995 I believe) like unicorns? Even eBay and Amazon are coming up Zilch other the boat covers and Bimini Tops. I'm also trying to find a good pic online of the dash so I can label the switches. Searched Bing and Google Images extensively and every image I find when I blow it up to see the labels, they get fuzzy, so I've struck out there so far too. I don't need any major parts, but would like some info on what each dash switch is for as the labels are all faded out or gone. I can switch on/off to figure out some, but not all. I have not really began to dig into the project yet, but my initial assessment is it needs: replace plywood flooring in the main portion soon tilt system is a bit hit/miss (maybe just a fluid flush/fill will do the trick, we'll see) source the proper fwd/rev facing seat pair. As of right now, although all the interior is pretty new (done 2 PO's ago), there are only 2 fwd facing main seats at the console/dash. glove box replacement nav lights replacement need to make and upholster the engine cover piece to match Some pics for your perusal/feedback.
  26. Check hose to thru-hull fitting. Might be clogged, or not connected.
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