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  2. How do you remove the table mount bracket on front side of engine cover to replace the bracket on a Monterey 264FSC?
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  4. I have a 1996 Monterey Montura 21 foot cuddy cabin. I need two things. A new rack and Pinion power steering assembly and a new deck Hatch and I am finding it difficult to find either one. Any suggestions
  5. Bought a 2019 M-22 family loves the boat, but one day i noticed a chunk missing from the trust deflector portion of the motor. Went to dealer they put claim in with Merc, Merc says i hit something and im SOL. If you see the attached pictures there is no damage anywhere on the motor except the missing chunk. Everyone i have talked to and shown pictures to including the dealer where i bought the boat says it must of been a casting error. I just want this fixed but not sure who to turn to because i dont think i could have possibly hit something hard enough to break that chunk off and not even scraped the paint off any other part of the motor. Please help im so frustrated at the lack of customer service.
  6. I purchased a new 258SS without trim tabs ( mistake on my part ) does anyone know what size Lenco tabs are installed by the factory?
  7. Hi guys, Has only one added a Whipple charger to their Monterey 298ss?? Worth it?? Cp Performance do a "Kit" All advise welcome. Thanks, Jeremy
  8. I have a 194/204FS fitted with a Merc 4.3 MPI Need to drain off the fuel from the tank .... tried for ages with a siphon pipe - no joy, assume must be some form of anti-siphon device fitted. Is there somewhere on the engine that allows me to easily drain fuel .... using the fuel pump on the engine? I did look at removing fuel pipe to separator filter ... but it's well and truly stuck onto the brass male fitting .... and don't really want to cut it off.. Anybody know easy way to do this.?
  9. I'm having same problem, checked spark, oil, antifreeze, what should temp on radiator cap and heat exchanger run, shut off with temp of 253 on radiator cap and heat from exchanger 170 I haven't done the bleed valve on radiator cap yet to see if maybe a air bubble
  10. Thanks for the suggestions, I came across Copycat Upholstery after a search and contacted them after I posted. To redo whole of Bow rider section and sun bathing cushion and head rest aft, +/- $1500 and would need to fit my end.
  11. No one knows the difference between 197fs and M205?
  12. 184, 204,224FS 224FSC, 244FS/FSX,264FS/FSX, 264FSC Owner's Manual Sportboat_OM_2011_CC.pdf
  13. 186MS-196MS/MFS- 197BF-217BF-204FS-224FS/FSC-244FSC-264FS/FSC Owner's Manual sport boat manual.pdf
  14. M3 - M5 Owners Manual M3-M5 Owner's Manual.pdf
  15. Having the hardest time finding any info whatsoever on our boat Help!
  16. This is what says about replacement seat covers. " Usually the original seats for your boat are available for around 5 years after the boat models release date, but will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. These seats, if available, can be ordered from a certified dealership, and are typically on the expensive side. If you're boat is older than 5 years (or however long the manufacturer makes them available for) or you don't want to fork out an arm & leg for the OEM replacments, the best option to upgrade or restore is either to purchase marine-grade vinyl and have your seats professionally re-upholstered, or purchase after-market seats. Typically, re-upholstering seats is cheaper, but can get expensive depending on the condition of the seats' foam." I've found several places to get skins made. I have never used any of them so talk to each and make your own decision on who is best for your situation. Copycat Upholstery Lost Factory Patterns American Marine Coverings
  17. Can you buy original seat skins for 2007 298ss???
  18. Hello, need to know where I can find replacement parts for Fontana faucets used in 2013 Monterey 280 SCR
  19. Hello friends ! I am looking to buy my first boat (used). Due to local Israeli regulation the maximum length is 24ft and 150hp of engine power. I am looking at 2017 197fs with mercury 150hp motor vs 2018 M205 with Yamaha 150hp. What are the pros and cons of each model Vs the other?
  20. I recently came into possession of a 1993 286 cruiser which I have fallen in love with. There is a pull switch on the main panel labeled Preheat. When I pull it, there is a blower that starts that is located under the access stairs. Is this cabin heat and if so, how does it work?
  21. I would think it is located on top of your fuel tank. That is where my sender is located on my 2000 242 Cruiser.
  22. Let me know how it works out for you please thank you.
  23. I suspect that one of my fuel gauges on my 2009 Monterey 300 is not functioning properly. Before I replace/repair the gauge, I want to check the sender. Any idea where it is located and how to access it?
  24. Perfect! Thank you for the info
  25. What drone did you use to create the video? I don't own a drone YET and I'm really interested in them. I would like to see what my boat looks like on plane and I can see how I'm trimming the boat.
  26. Both of those videos are GREAT! What drone did you use to create the video?
  27. https://fariabeede.com/2-pages/products_marine.php Faria Instruments in Connecticut is the company that made the gauges for my 2000 242 CR. They will not sell direct to you but will drop ship to West Marine. I had one of my gauges replaced that way. I need another one, the volt meter. I went to their web site that I included at the top of this message to find the name of the trim that my gauge is to match the other gauges.
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