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  2. Does anyone know who makes replacement front and side zip in windows for a 298 SC
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  4. I found the cabin lights wall switch. It's on the right end of the galley below the countertop, on the side wall of the cabinet. Everything working ok now.
  5. It just dawned on me that I never got back to you. I looked at my set up and it's exactly the same. Behind the chine there's a gap over the bunk like yours, although the stern does sit on the bunks on mine. There's just a gap between the chine and where the hull rest on the bunk toward the stern. At first I thought it was a bad design, then I though through the boat not being able to slide rearward on launch if the bunk was up against the hull near the chine.
  6. Boat is in storage here, but I do know the one I have in there has the side bars cut to fit.
  7. I'd like to add the bow ladder to my 224FS, part # 15201018-00-LADR I already have the right cover. Anyone know where to buy parts online?
  8. Just received our new 278SS equipped with the electric arch. Has anyone added a second pair of JL's to the tower? And if so how did you route the cables? The arch amp is a four channel so have the power just curious how the wiring was done. Thanks in advance.
  9. Good looking Monterey... Great area to boat in! Maybe one day it will be year round for us as well. Enjoy!
  10. Hey Guys, We just received our new 278SS and couldn't be excited for the upcoming boating season. I am impressed with the fit and finish and all of the options are very nicely done. And coming out of a midnight blue Bryant hoping the mostly white hull will be easier to maintain...as I'm a bit obsessed with taking good care of the boat!! Any other members on here from Fort Loudoun or Tellico lakes in East TN??
  11. Under your front bunk mattress is a board with a table leg mount. You will need to use the short leg you use for your aft deck table and tuck the edges of the board under your seat cushions. Then put your dinette where the board normally sits (there is an indentation for it). My boat did not come new with factory cushions to fill in this temporary berth so yours may not have either. I figured if I ever needed a fill cushion I would just cut it out of foam. For a more permanent solution get United Pillow Manufacturing out of Miami to build you one from a template you create.
  12. Hello. I’m looking to buy a Monterey 214 Fs. The boat is from 2009. Do you know anyone that owns this specific model. I would like to know if you recommend this model and if you know the most common issues of this boat. It has a Mercruiser 5.0 MPI with double props. Is it going to be enough to have people inside the boat while doing some wakeboarding. Thank you.
  13. Hi. I just bought a 2000 Monterey 262, but I can't seem to get the cabin lights to turn on. The cabin lights in the head work though and the stereo comes on. Is there some passenger wall switch that controls the cabin lights? I've looked everywhere but don't see any. The schematic shows an inline fuse somewhere, but where do i find that? Since the lights in the head work, I doubt it's a fuse problem anyway. Thx
  14. Hello. I have a Super Sport 218 SS that after 3000 RPM its trim doesn’t go up. Is this a security measure to avoid bow verticality? When it’s below 3000rpm the trim works perfectly. Thanks for your support.
  15. 2003 Monterey 298 SC - old rails were removed when boat was custom painted, new gauges, interior, etc, but the rails were never reinstalled. All are gone now. I want to add. - Any idea where I can get replacement rails? - Universal rails?
  16. Hello MB Owners, I have a 224FS on order and have two questions: Bow cavity dimensions (depth x width) - need to know what sized anchor will fit Tower tube size - ordering racks and need tube diameter Thanks, Michael
  17. Hello MB Owners, First time poster. I have a 224FS on order and have two questions: Bow cavity dimensions (depth x width) - need to know what sized anchor will fit Tower tube size - ordering racks and need tube diameter Thanks, Michael
  18. Where can you find the mounts for the JL tower speakers for a 2020 278ss with power tower
  19. I have same problem with 2000 276 rocker switches icons worn off dont know what switch runs what. Tried to get a pic of someones panel that is readable then i can mark them or get new. But no one seems to have a interest in posting a pic of theirs. Good luck
  20. I have the Volvo unit. The master controller is on the bulkhead on the Stern on the port side inside of the boat. There are two boxes black plastic with something white inside that you can see through the grill cover that’s on these little boxes there’s two of them there’s one on the port side and one on the starboard side of the stern drive outside of the boat and these are connected to the main control box. I’ve seen at times when my boat has been out of the water for A week or so. I will look at the master control box and it’ll have red light on meaning I don’t have Galvanized Protection. If I wet each one of those little boxes outside the boat with water go back and look at the control panel and I’ll see a green light meaning I have protection now you know eventually go out when everything dries up I’ll give that a try.
  21. Try keeping your ladder up until you get to the beach and then lower it and it won’t drag. Merry Christmas
  22. Check your main switch it’s usually a big round red one it’ll say off, one, or both. you have to have on one to use the start battery or two to use the house bank all house batteries and put it on all and use the house battery and will use the start battery. now I have a 2000 24 cruiser but most of them are all the same with that master switch so give me just give it a shot see what happens and just send a reply letter So all of us know if you got it fixed or not. Most people come here ask a question we’re giving an answer but you never hear from the person again if it fix the problem it’s kind of aggravating or irritating. Merry Christmas
  23. Hello Everyone, I just bought a 2013 Monterey and I have a problem and I am looked everywhere in the manual and changed both batteries to be on the safe side. The problem is that while in the sea and when I switch off the engine and after 30 seconds all electricity shuts down (lights, fridge, stereo..etc) while it should switch to the house battery automatically. Can anyone advise what this might be??!!
  24. And here is a flyer I have on the 322 that is mostly accurate. Monterey 322 Cruiser.pdf
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