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  3. Hi, i what to upgrade my 2019 278SS with more soundpower. do you have any idea where the best place is to install a subwoofer ? Uwe
  4. Hi, we have a 2001 Monterey 262 and have replaced parts of our frame and full canvas from Great Lakes Boat Top Company. They are the original manufacturers of the canvas and frame: They are having a 20% off CANVAS ONLY PRODUCTS through 3/16. https://greatlakesboattop.com/
  5. My frames for canvas were stolen and looking to replace. I have old canvas and just looking for frames. Can anyone recommend any source where I can find them?
  6. Hey everyone! First off, I hope everyone is as excited as me that boating season is right around the corner! Secondly, I need a little help if anyone knows the answer to my question or has any ideas. I am getting ready to change my factory sound system and i am having a problem finding the factory Amplifier for the subwoofer, tower speakers and the bow speakers. The factory system is all Wet Sounds with the Fusion control system. I have looked behind the helm where all the other electrical equipment is ran to, under the helm seat and behind the audio equipment in the cabin. I have yet to find these factory amplifiers and was wondering if anyone had any idea where Monterey's factory location is at. Ive searched the internet for countless hours, checked the manual and even called Monterey. As you can probably assume, none of those worked Thanks in advance for the help and i hope everyone has an amazing time this year out on the water! Best, Rick Hale #HaleYeah
  7. Greetings everyone, i just purchased a 2005 Monterey 302. The dry weight is supposed to be 10,400 pounds. I know I need a three axel trailer. Does anyone have experience with trailing that boat? I have been told that it "feels" heavy. Do I need like a 15,000 pound trailer? I am in Fort Lauderdale, FL, so pretty flat territory! Thank you Julius Pappas
  8. I recently retired while working for a marine electronics company.I have been an industrial Maintenance Mechanic for 45 years.I can tell you that company tested batteries and developed multistage charging system for all sizes of boats and sold systems for large battery banks in large boats. They developed a charging system that can be linked to your cell phone so you can actually check your batteries condition remotely.They devoted a lot of time to develop these systems.They also have a large catalog of marine products.The Companies name is CDI Electronics located in Huntsville Alabama Phone # (256) 77-23829 I am sure they have what you need. Good Luck !
  9. Considering purchase of a 2004 282 Express. Appears to be twin VP 270hp engines. Not sure of the model as it isn't listed. Wondering how accessible the spark plugs are on the outboard sides of each of the engines? Also wondering if there are any other maintenance headaches on Volvo Pentas. I've worked on several Mercruiser models over the years, but not VP's. Thanks in advance for any thoughts and feedback.
  10. here's another one, but only on my Monterey 214 Supersport
  11. Clipped together a new clip from various others from the past years...
  12. Hi, does anybody know how to replace or repair the anchor/docking light housing on the 2005 298SC. All of the reflective surface in the light housing as corroded and burned away.
  13. Selling my 2017 Monterey M4 and someone asked if it has a closed-loop cooling system. Does anyone know if they were built both ways or only one? Thanks in advance!!
  14. yes, thats right - it is created here in southeast of Sweden, in a naval town called Karlskrona
  15. New owner. How many seacocks do I have?
  16. does anyone know if this is available?
  17. Hi Guys & Gals I am a proud over of a 2005 Model 218 LS Montuna am looking to extend the stern with a dive or swim deck, my ask is there an official Monterey part, or does anyone know where I could procure one from? Best regards Rob UK illustration below is an example of what I am hoping to achieve.
  18. Was just gifted a 1994 Monterey. Vin # start with RGFS any info would be greatly appreciated!! TYIA.. Jennifer
  19. 2006 Monterey 32 CR twin volvos 5.7 ..was cruising at about 15 knots Starboard engine quit. It wouldn't restart...I advanced the throttle and it started..when I bring it back to idle it keeps stalling. I changed IAC motor..no change. I was told to check low pressure fuel pump ..I will do that once spring hits and I put the boat back in the water..just looking to see if anyone had similar issues
  20. I just acquired a 2000 262 cruiser from a family member. He said it needs the fuel tank replaced. I was wondering if anyone had any helpful information on where to buy one and possibly how hard it is to replace. I have not picked up the boat yet as it’s in Florida and I am two states away. I’m definitely going to be getting it because I can’t beat the price. It’s free:) I just want to get a jump start on researching how to replace it. Any info would be very appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  21. I would like to add a windlass to my 298 SC, does anyone have any suggestion to make and model? What was the factory option?
  22. Monterey 1996 256 Crusier , Put New short Block rebuild Engine, also rebuilt outdrive Three years ago , when I first tried to start it , the Starter made a really terrible grinding noise the Mechaniv thought it would work it way out, got worse then boat got moth balled for three years ! Been working on it the past couple months since I retired, now it seems to start to engage then spins free, I manually turn the motor over a half turn or so and try again, thinking it was a few broken teeth on the ring gear, tried three new starters from west marine , same issue, was thinking it is the wrong starter maybe the wrong sprocket maybe a 9 tooth should be a 11 tooth, But haven't found out a solution yet ! Boat in the water now, in Marina del Rey slip, does anyone have a solution?? thx Pat B. bradyp710@gmail.com 619-300-2342 cell/ text
  23. Was your video created in Sweden? The area looks beautful!
  24. In the video I posted we used a Dj Phantom, if I recall right
  25. The original manufacturer for our Monterey 2001 262 was Great Lakes Boat top Co. Here is their link: https://greatlakesboattop.com/. Make sure you ask about their winter sale which is usually 25% off.
  26. Hello. Please, give me an advice. Where can I buy a new bimini on the Monterey 245 Cr year 2003. See more pictures. Thank you Monika Muchova
  27. Hi guys I have a bit of electrical issues. Is there a more structured wiring diagram available out there. The diagram in the manual, is merely an overview, and does not show which battery, is for what. Bst rgds Peter
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