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  2. Anybody? I am still looking for this plastic latch.
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  5. Hello, I need to replace a bulb in one of my courtesy lights... Looking to see if anybody has a tip of how to open the light fixture. the bezel looks to have a slot for a small flat screw driver to pop the bezel off, but I dont want to try it until I ask the group... Can I get to the bulb from the front by removing the bezel, or do I have to go at it from the back side?... Thanks in advance for any input you can share...
  6. I have an older version of that boat, 245CR. Normally i don't have a reverse polarity issue unless water has gotten between the extension cord plug connection that I use. This doesn't sound like your case since you are using the same cord and shore power pedestal. Like you said, it could be a problem with the Shore Power 2 connection. Make sure the connection is not wet or dirty. Beyond that, maybe try powering on the components one by one on shore power 2 and see if anything trips a breaker.
  7. The mechanic hasn't come to see the boat yet. We've been getting storms every afternoon. Hopefully next week.
  8. I just bought this boat and I have a macerator to discharge my waste when traveling in the ocean and I’ve read to turn it on you need to turn on the macerator breaker switch. I have searched the entire boat and cannot find a switch for it can someone help me. I’ve read the owners manual page by page and it does not reveal the location. Does it possibly turn on automatically when the waste hits it? It’s driving me crazy! Thanks
  9. Job is all done . I will answer my own post to help others in the future. Trace out a cardboard template using the trailer and bunk locations.This will give you your angles and measurements .Cut out your template and use it to set up and check the cradle.
  10. Wow 22" isn't a lot of room to maneuver in. If you have two engines you might be able to port reverse and forward with the starboard engine. I have only a single engine and I'm not sure I could dock with that less space. Go to YouTube and there are several videos on docking and using lines to assist you. You're going to have to go REALLY slow!
  11. GetAway

    John M

    Put a gauge on the wires at the horn and have someone blow the horn and if you have power at the horns try spraying some WD-40 into the horn(s). My horns are in the chain locker and they were shot so I replaced them with a set of auto horns and that fixed my problem. Auto horns were 2x to 3x less in cost than a horn from a boat supply store and it's 100% louder.
  12. I have a 2000 242CR and I have one seacock. It is under the small step that leads to the mid cabin berth. It is like a ball valve and it is right next to the shower sump box. The valve is for the inlet water to the toilet. When you pump the toilet flush water this is where the water comes from.
  13. Engine oil pressure and cooling temp. I have an old 2000 system so yours may cover more. I would not think power steering has any alarms. If you check the fluid level all should be okay. If your belt is loose you'll hear it squeal.
  14. Ha ha ha ha that's funny!!! Boat repair shops soak you worst than crossing an ocean bar with 2 ft wind waves and 6 ft swells!!
  15. When was the last time the impeller was changed? I had an impeller that was 2 years old and my temp gauge dropped to 120 no alarms. I have the 2000 Volvo 5.7 G??. I changed my impeller with a new Volvo unit and my temps returned to 158 - 160 and stays there at idle and 3000 - 3500 rpms. I've read the unit should be changed every 2 years.
  16. John M

    John M

    Hello, I am a new owner of a 2015 Monterey 204FS and on the maiden voyage today the only issue we found was a non working horn. I was hoping someone could provide insight on how to repair/replace ect. So far I have only checked the fuse (looks like its actually a trip switch) under thew dash board and it appears to be in the correct position. Anyone have any additional thought/comments? Thanks, John
  17. On a 250cr where only one inlet can be active at a time, using the same cable from the shore pedestal, Shore Power 1 tests fine, but on Shore Power 2 the Reverse Polarity light comes on. Could this mean a problem with the Shore Power 2 inlet? I'm relatively new and there's a lot I don't understand, so any help is appreciated.
  18. That isn't much of a list but it would bother me as well. A current hitting from the side can do that but it obviously wouldn't always occur on the same side. One time I knew a fellow boater that had some electronics added to their boat which required a sensor mounted on the transom (to one side). The sensor wasn't sealed properly allowing water to seep into the hull under the deck where it cannot be seen. It created a list. Have you recently had any work done involving your hull? Jim
  19. AC generally requires the boat to be in the water to operate. The AC uses the water as a cooling medium. While there may be ACs that don't require this I believe most do. One other thing, ACs tend to require significant voltage so if you aren't plugged into shorepower you need to run the generator...which means you need to be int he water as the generator uses water for cooling as well just like the engines. Jim
  20. Hey Monterey Nation... Looking to redesign our dock and upgrade to a 335 SY. We want to back in parallel to our seawall with the tip of our bow only 22' from our neighbors boat lift. Looking for experience in maneuverability wit the 335 SY. Thanks for your Help!
  21. Hello, New to the forum, I just sold my 18 ft bayliner and upgraded to a 2007 Monterery 243 Explorer with the 350 MAG Mercruiser. Always wrenched and repaired my bayliner as needed. Having a couple issues with the new boat. Bought and hooked up a Vessel View yesterday and am getting the following faults- 1012-24 Engine or drive trim position- The input circuit for the sensor is above the valid limit 701-24 Level sensor tank A- The Input circuit for the sensor is above the valid limit 451-25 Pitit Pressure- The input circuit for the sensor is below the valid limit So the boat is very clean and only has 234 hours - 1 owner and always on lift/lake use. When I test drove it after about 10 min i began to hear a slight misfire, popping coming from the motor. We pulled over and revved it up a few times and it kept wanting to stall out. We limped it back to his lift and he came down on the price, i bought it. Hoping its a small tune up or bad gas. Took it home last weekend, cleaned and waxed it and siphoned all the old gas out. It was super dark yellow and smelled foul. Filled it up with premium/ added lucas ethonal and injector cleaner and took it on a drive last night. Again it started great seemed to idle up and down and the longer it ran it smoothed out more. As i was sitting there moored to the dock i did hear what sounded like water going down a gutter. Not sure if the U-joint bellow is leaking?? there was a small amount of water but nothing major in the hull- i did notice on the test drive there seemed to be a some water sprayed up by the plug wires/ distrib area when we opened the engine cover when it was running rough. Anyways, we went out for drive, it ran good and would accelerate quick. Heard what sounded like to be popping/misfire about 15 min into the drive. Then is smoothed out and we kept driving, burned about 6 gallons of gas. By the time we went into the ramp, it was back to not wanting to idle and stalling out. Do the current codes have any effect on the issues described? Any recommendations? Thanks!
  22. Thanks Kelly! I appreciate your response and look forward to your reply. My temp alarm is not sounding off so I am not over heating. Have a great day!
  23. I’m just trying to figure out how to speak with someone in parts, the phone directory is horrible! I just need a boat decal!!
  24. Any one have the wiring diagram for the blower circuit for engine room? blower switch in cabin was bad i replaced it and it started popping circuit breaker, removed new switch and breaker did not trip anymore. Thanks
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