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  2. Looking where to find a 2008 CR250 cockpit light rocker switch. Trying to find the same one . All help appreciated!,
  3. How is it going brother. Were you able to remove this seats already?
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    Barry the best I can do is give you this fellas information he may be able to direct you to a Monterey Company Rep who I hope would help you out. Franky Orozco Service Manager Water Werks Boat Sales 18660 S. Cicero Ave. Country Club Hills, IL 60478 Phone: 708-798-9700 Franky is a good guy.
  6. On my 302 CR there´s following P/T installation 2 Volvo Penta 5.7 Gi-B, 280HP with SX-M drive 1.51 ratio I´m wondering about the installed props (no idea which dia. and pitch) as engines run at recommended speed even with 6 persons and 50% fuel @30 knots (GPS) just 50% throttle open. Which propsize is recommended or was installed by the builder? Thanks in advance for your help
  7. Is there a website for replacement of Monterey plates, cups, etc.?
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    Hi I have just become the happy owner of a 355 SY from 2008 - It is very nice, but unfortunately it was hit by another boat and has got a minor scratch in the black gelcoat. My question is, WHERE can you see the color codes used in the production of my boat? - I have checked all original purchase documents, but the answer is not to be found in the documents.
  9. Got told the same thing...anyone with a single engine dual prop drive out there?? Do they pull oneway or the other if you let go the wheel??
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    freshwater pump - where is it ?

    Ive got a 2011 M3 also and having fesh water pressure problems. Suspect its the filter. Is the filter also located in the bow bilge area?
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    My port side railing nearest cleat by stern fell off into lake. ! How do i order the rail?
  12. I have a 2000 CABO 31 Express and the horn mostly doesn't work. It is located port side inside the gunnels, but how do you get to it? No access through engine room. There is a small grill on the outside, but I find it hard to believe you access it through that grill. Please help?
  13. Hello, this is a little off topic, but I have been searching around to find the exact trailer dimensions for a 224FS, and this is the closest I have found. I have ordered a 2022, and apparently there is a trailer supply shortage and the only trailer available to me from the dealer I am just not crazy about the looks (I-beam aluminum). So, I purchased a painted black trailer, but this leaves me responsible for setting up the bunks. I was wondering if either of you would be able to take some measurements of your trailer to guide me in the right direction. I have the owners manual with trailering dimensions, but they leave some ambiguity for a first time trailer setup. If anybody is able to assist I will post an image with the exact dimensions I am looking for. Thanks, Trevor
  14. I know you wrote this a couple years ago. One negative with Monterey boats is finding anything outside of a dealer. I have an M4 with there beautiful oval tower but can’t find a dam thing to mount the wakeboard rack. Did you find it?
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    I recently purchased a 278SS and am curious where people attach tubes when inflated but not in use. Basically how do I best keep them on the back of the boat when traveling and not pulling kids in tubes.
  16. Jps6


    Does this need to be removed prior to connecting a tow rope? IMG_7118.MOV
  17. I have a 98 Monterey 322 and have water in the lowest portion of the boat in the interior, it seems like water from the head, but I drained the tank and still got water. WE have had rain but this just came up, I am clueless.
  18. Does anyone know where I can get a replacement dash panel for 246 SEL?
  19. Was in the engine compartment cleaning the bilge when the hatch started to close. No way out. We are talking about several hundred lbs of hatch and seating. Get caught in between and you are toast. Fortunately, I was at the Marina and fellow boaters heard me yelling and got on board. At the helm, they pressed the open hatch rocker. The hatch opened, I got out, then slowly closed again. Clearly failing. Two questions. Is there a switch in the engine compartment that allows you to open the hatch if unable to get out? Secondly, what brand was used on a 2009.
  20. SIgnals from BB/SB engine can be found on the connector from the engine harness extension (see also page M-63 in UM) under the dash and are continued to the instruments Meaning of the colors BLK GND GRY ENG.TACHOMETER YEL/RED STARTER BRN/WHT TRIM POS. SENDER TAN WATER TEMP LT.BLUE OIL PRESSURE PUR IGNITION RED/PUR 12V+ TAN/BLU ENG.ALARM For the i.e. TRIM POS.SENDER there´s a further connector in the engine room which causes problems sometimes.
  21. Where can I find a replacement light for the anchor light on top of tower for a 2017 M45 24" ? the owners manual doesn't have section that addresses parts and where to order replacements. We just bought our monterery and the light was broke
  22. Are you in saltwater? And what does that guy have to hook it to his GPS? Where do I get one?
  23. Hi. I am wondering if anyone has advice on where to find a replacement captain seat with flip up booster for a 2018 238ss. I reached out to a dealer who contacted Monterey directly but have not heard back. I am not sure what the expected turn around time for something like this is. Any guidance would be appreciated.
  24. I have a 2006 290 SC/CR with the swim platform. Does anyone know where I can find out the capacity of the swim platform as quite fancy putting a PWC on it.
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    Fresh Water Sink

    I have M45 and wondering where the sink water drains. Does it drain via the bilge pump ? Or do I have to pump the dirty water out?
  26. New owner of a 2021 238SS - love it! I purchased a Venture trailer with the boat. I don't like how the transom straps put pressure on the boat (from the hook and lower from the strap) in 2 locations (not to mention potentially scratching it). When I asked the dealer, they said it is OK. It’s about 45 degrees. Is this proper? my previous boats the straps were up and down not pulled forward against the boat.
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