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  3. I’m the new owner of a 1999 276 (7.4/B3), freshwater boat on Lake Erie. Mechanically good to very good, cosmetically meh. No really hard stuff to do, mostly cosmetics and some refresh work. I’m looking for an owners manual and wiring diagram for the boat, my google-fu has turned up very little. Thanks in advance. Rick
  4. Just picked up a new to us 2006 233 with 5.7GXi-G and 181 hours. Going through and refreshing and fixing small things. Engine is solid but need to do some work on the drive. Plan to do new bearings, etc. I have the original covers, which need replacing and see Ameritex is not taking orders until '22. I would like to do a full length Bimini that covers up to bow. Anyone have experience adding this option? Thanks everyone! Alan
  5. Any idea of size as mine was lost by prior owner. I have a 270 sport
  6. For all of the 262 owners that have roll issues and would like to have a less intensive boat ride, buy the Bennet auto trim tab control. I purchased one, put it in myself and it is amazing. All I have to play with now is the outdrive trim to optimize power and getting the boat on plane. The trim tabs control the roll automatically and works awesome.
  7. And another one from the very southeast of Sweden - our first Poker Run in Karlskrona archipelago
  8. I have a 2014 214/218 Supersport with a VP 5.0L (270hp) today. Will it be possible (room for it) to change it for a larger engine such as 496 or 502, or the 8.1/8.2L from Volvo? Or would a 350 och 377 be max to fit "under the hood"?
  9. My double drink holder on starboard side behind the captains chair broke. 2004 265 cc anyone know where I can get a replacement
  10. Iqbal


    Need some parts for at 2010 model 295 SCR as follows: Radar arch light bulbs (pls see picture). Need 2. Diameter is 75 mm. Its opaque plastic. Wiper for windscreen Cockpit table leg. need 1. Made of stainless steel Lights for trim tab adjusters in cockpit any suggestions anyone? many thanks
  11. I have a 1999 Monterey 262cr with a 5.7 merc cruiser. I’m trying to figure out what gear ratio I have on the bravo 3 . The boat mechanic said the serial numbers are wron off and he can’t tell because the gears are bad. Looking to order another complete unti but I’m unsure of what I need. Thank you in advance.
  12. Cheers from Rome, Italy, I own a 2007 Monterey 330 Sport Yacht and I would like to replace my very old bimini/sprayhood. Before trying to replicate it with a local custom manufacturer I would like to identify the genuine OEM that has originally produced it (ideally the OEM should have a stored "template" with the right size and attaches). Does anyone can help me with this? Thank you very much for your help! /Fabio
  13. my grandson is having problems with his 2000 monterey 262 cruiser with has a 454 volvo big block. i is hydroblocking . any suggestions on how to cure the hydro blocking??
  14. Does anyone know where I can get a templet for the drop in carpet that Monterey used in 2008 or what carpet manufacture that they used. All help would be greatly appreciated.
  15. I have had cocoons Inside my vent hoses before with the same effect, just remove the fitting and blow through it.
  16. Has anyone had to replace these? And did you end up putting power actuators in? Part #'s or ideas photos would be great. Cheers,
  17. I am also curious about this. I may soon need to repower my 2005 282, and I can't figure out how the chain can be attached to pull the motors. Has anyone had a repower done that can explain how they removed the motors? Thank you.
  18. Looking where to find a 2008 CR250 cockpit light rocker switch. Trying to find the same one . All help appreciated!,
  19. How is it going brother. Were you able to remove this seats already?
  20. Guest


    Barry the best I can do is give you this fellas information he may be able to direct you to a Monterey Company Rep who I hope would help you out. Franky Orozco Service Manager Water Werks Boat Sales 18660 S. Cicero Ave. Country Club Hills, IL 60478 Phone: 708-798-9700 Franky is a good guy.
  21. On my 302 CR there´s following P/T installation 2 Volvo Penta 5.7 Gi-B, 280HP with SX-M drive 1.51 ratio I´m wondering about the installed props (no idea which dia. and pitch) as engines run at recommended speed even with 6 persons and 50% fuel @30 knots (GPS) just 50% throttle open. Which propsize is recommended or was installed by the builder? Thanks in advance for your help
  22. Is there a website for replacement of Monterey plates, cups, etc.?
  23. Per


    Hi I have just become the happy owner of a 355 SY from 2008 - It is very nice, but unfortunately it was hit by another boat and has got a minor scratch in the black gelcoat. My question is, WHERE can you see the color codes used in the production of my boat? - I have checked all original purchase documents, but the answer is not to be found in the documents.
  24. Got told the same thing...anyone with a single engine dual prop drive out there?? Do they pull oneway or the other if you let go the wheel??
  25. Guest

    freshwater pump - where is it ?

    Ive got a 2011 M3 also and having fesh water pressure problems. Suspect its the filter. Is the filter also located in the bow bilge area?
  26. Guest


    My port side railing nearest cleat by stern fell off into lake. ! How do i order the rail?
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