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  3. What measurements did you eventually use? I'm in the same boat ().
  4. Looking for 282 owners that have had an engine removed. Need some answers regarding the engine removal process specifically on the 2004 282 CR model boat. 1. Did the generator have to be removed for clearance? 2. How was a hoist & chain attached? To the standard eyes? 3. Besides removing the exhaust risers, cowling and flame arrestor, did the manifolds also have to come off? 4. Any other issues/advice/recommendations? TIA.
  5. I have the same problem with the alarm sounding and all systems good. Can anyone tell me what SAL code on my depth finder stands for?
  6. Hi Tvsports86, Did you figure that out? I have the exact same problem and I’ve had the exact same suspicions that you did. I still have not got mine figured out, just a new issue for me now.
  7. Call your dealer, or make a phone call to Monterey customer support. I have the 278, and the arch folds... I thought it also did on the 295. But, if not, the swap wont be easy, or inexpensive.
  8. I have a 278SS and the chain seems to be 35 feet long. I measured by my stride, so its approximate.
  9. Yes, I had one custom made, and love it. I fold the tower, and pull the cover over the entire boat. It pulls down below the rub rail, and the ratchet straps are tightened at the rear by the swim platform. Works very well, and keeps the sun off all upward-facing surfaces. Here's a pic in the driveway, but to be clear, I keep the boat in the water, and I have no problems putting this cover on in the slip.
  10. Try Budge Covers/EmpireCovers.com. I'm awaiting a M45 OB from them today.
  11. Go to the Bennet web site and they show you have to measure to see what trim tabs will fit your boat and how to install them.
  12. If you ask a question and someone gives you a reply as to your problem, how about being so kind is to report back if your problem was solved or the info you received helped or not. There are so many that come here, ask a question, received an answer but you never hear from the question asker again.
  13. I have a 2008 242 CR and I don't have an hour meter. Did all Monterey boats come with an hour meter?
  14. Have you checked the connections to see if they are not corroded? Clean them off at the blower with electrical contact cleaner and see if that works/help. If this is your engine compartment blower make DARN sure the area is evacuated Before you start that engine or your boat might go kaaaboom!
  15. 88ah doesn't sound like a lot of reserve. My refrigerator would drain that battery before the night is over. Is this a car battery you're using? I've never heard of GelTech. I use Trojan deep cycle, two for house and an Interstate starting battery and all three are 4 years old and going strong. I was told by a person that works in a battery factory that the Interstate's have one more plate than other batteries. Now that I've typed that they will all go flat!! There has to be something that is drawing your house battery down. Refrigerator, stereo left on or some electronics left on without you knowing or remembering you didn't shut something off?
  16. I have a 295 SY I am having some troubles with a bridge near my home in Florida. Can the arch be hinged ? does Monterey sale a hing able arch has a replacement ?
  17. Hello, i bought a 268sc without a outdrive. Now i found out via the engine serial number that i need a drive with the ratio 2.2. However, i can't find out which propeller i need. The boat was built in 2007 and has a 350MAG Mpi. Can someone tell me which propeller i need?
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  19. Does anyone know where I can get a right front windshield replacement for a 1995 Monterey 296?
  20. Hello all ee have a 2007 FS 180 with 4.3 l alpha one drive 1:62. It had a stainless 19 pitch high five prop which we tried all various plugs on and could not get satisfactory results. We want improved hole shots as we often pull a slalom skier from deep water. We recently tried a Piranha 18 pitch composite and it was even slower (30 seconds) to get on plane. Boat is not loaded to the gunnels and I would expect more performance with the set up. It has quite a wake and seems to displace a lot of water compared to other boats I have owned. Perhaps I’m expecting too much from it? WOT, with Piranha is 4800 and about 42mph. It has great handling, picks up fast, when on plane, but out of the hole it’s horrible. Anyone else have this, or similar, boat and able to share what prop they are using with good results.
  21. Hi there I was wondering if somebody could give any advise. I have a 2006 Monterey 218 cuddles. I have a loss of power to my controls and ignition. Battery is ok
  22. I have some troubles with the Blower. It didn't work for the first start. After a short ride it worked without problems. On th next day the same symptoms. I already checked the fuses and the switch. This is OK, but I don't have power on the blower connection. Have someone made similar experiences? Is there a grounding point between Cockpit and blower? ANOTHER Cause could be a broken cable between cockpit and blower? Many thanks for feedback Markus
  23. The rear extending seat will not extend fully. The forward seat and bolster move, but the aft portion does not slide back. There appears to be a button switch, that I assume is there to ensure the seat is down when extending and closing. Is a bad button switch a common problem?
  24. Is there a way to convert or replace the bow hatch on a 2011 M3 to allow for a bow anchor and roller? I see that the SS is able to have this as an option. If not a bow roller, then a thru hull option. Thanks.
  25. Hello, same boat, same problem. I did not notice any tiny holes actually but I will check better. I've installed a unidirectional valve on the sump pump line because my opinion was that the water is filling in during turns from the right hull fittings.. but the water still fills. I do not understand the problem.. I have 4 thru-hull fittings on the right side of the boat for sink, shower sump, middle sump pump and other 2 unknown (may be A/C if installed) and I clearly hear gurgle noises during right roll turns. I have to solve..
  26. I had my 2018 335SY for 3 seasons. The house battery goes dead every year and will not hold a charge. The batteries show a full charge and goes to full discharge as soon as a load is placed on the battery. I've replaced 3 house batteries already. I'm using GelTech 700MCA/505CCA 88A.H batteries. This problem only affects the house battery. Unfortunately, the generator battery is connected to the same switch in the panel and therefore goes dead also. That battery seems to accept a charge and has not given me problems. Does anyone have similar problems and any suggestions or comments on what may be the cause?
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