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  2. Hello all. My first post. Just purchased a 2015 224 FSC. Quite an upgrade from my 2005 Bayliner 212. So first thing I am adding is underwater transom lights. I am trying to find a convenient hookup to power them. There are 2 switches on the dash that I may be able to use. One says water system (but I don't have the water system option) and the other is accessory. Both appear to be unused. Does anyone know if those switches would have live leads somewhere in the boat? i.e - would the water system switch have a wire run back to where the pump would have been installed? It would be nice to use one of those switches rather than adding another switch. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Hello everyone, I'm a proud owner of a 23 275 SS and waves as small as one to two feet the door between the cockpit and the bow will not stay latched. It appears at the latch functions properly, but there's too much hull flex to keep the door latched. Anyone have any tips or suggestions?
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  5. 1998 322 Express- The walkthrough window shattered-curved glass-looking for replacement or glass repair
  6. Hi Rick & Everyone, I have a 2017 238ss...I too have a wet sounds factory upgrade system and I too cannot locate the Amp for the life of me!! I've checked everywhere! The only place I cannot get to is port side under/within the console, and there is at least one somewhat heavier gauge wire leading that way i believe. I'm in the process of taking the damn dash apart, except the windshield may need to come off in order to access all the screws. I have the medallion lcd screen starboard console which is not like a normal audio deck with pre-amp outputs, etc. I'm at a loss and want to add a subwoofer and Amp to my system. This is unreal, someone please help. Thanks, Chris
  7. I cannot comment on your balancer and crank pully if it is different. I had to break out the long straight edge and start lining up the pulleys. I found that the large bracket for the power steering needed to be shimmed with washers at the very bottom to get the the angle right. I found that the pully were more radially relative to each other than in or out (depth to the front of the engine) from the crank pulley. After shimming the mounting bracket there is considerably less black rubber dust and zero squeaking.
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    M series boat Windlass

    Does anyone have any detailed pictures of your windlass you can share? Like how it's mounted and stuff? Thank you
  9. Drive belt is riding off the inside edge of the idler pulley about 1/8 inch.Any ideas? I think it's the wrong harmonic balancer .Rebuilt engine. I replaced idler, tensioner,alternator, water pump pulley.Looks like the lower pulley is in too far. I've pressed the ps pulley on as far as it goes, and tried it at other depths on the pump shaft.
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    Replacement docking lights

    I need to replace one of the docking lights on the front of my 2019 M65. Apparently, the part is no longer available from the manufacturer or any supplier that I can find. Is there a substitute part that I can order? Thanks!
  11. Helm has a brushed pewter finish that has warn off over time. Looking for a new one or any suggestions on refinishing. Part number is 60253627-00-PANL
  12. I just bought a 2009 Monterey 234 FSX and has the stock Kenwood system. All power comes onto the head unit & amp. Would a broken fuse at the head unit or fuse box cause this? The fuse in the amp is good. Also, any recommendations for replacing the stock Kenwood unit? Will the remote control units at dash & swim pad still work with a replacement unit? Thanks in advance!
  13. Hello, Did you replacement the fuel tank? I have a 2002 262 and need to remove the tank. Did you find a replacement tank or have the old one repaired? Thanks, Gregg
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    M65 Power Cord

    Can anyone recommend where to get a power cord for a M65?
  15. Good Morning, Recently acquired the above boat which is in need of some TLC Looking for any 270CR owners who can help with pictures for installation of Water pumps, AC Water pump Macerator Pump 2 water strainer Water Heater Generator Any help with hose adapters would be greatly appreciated. I have purchased all the above brand new and the boat was somewhat broken with bits hanging off everywhere and a volvo penta that would of been better suited as a coffee table Thanks in Advance Alex
  16. I have a 2006 Monterey 302 Cruiser. Hoping someone has figured out the dimensions for having a mattress and topper added to the circular bed in the forward cabin. Thanks in advance
  17. I tried ordering some of these this past weekend. Galleyware said that they are no longer going to carry these.. So, even though their warehouse showed 1 in stock, when I ordered, they sent a note and said that they are sorry but no more going to carry this line of dishes........
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    Bow mount Trolling motor

    Hi Matt, I am also looking for suggestions to add a trolling motor to my M-65. Have you had any luck with the project?
  19. So, I am in the middle of this project but here are the steps. Thanks to Kevin Temp for his counsel and advice remotely. I needed access to re-wire 2 switches and since ownership of my boat in the past 2 months, I found the helm switch panel plate loose. The switch plate is held in place to the dash with threaded studs on the back of the switch plate. There is a nut with star washer. To access the rear side, you have to go through the Vessel View Cut Out. Remove the upper and lower chrome plastic bezels on the Vessel View. I used a small plastic pry tool that you use to open a cell phone. Once the bezel rings are removed, you will find four (4) Philips screws holding the Vessel View to the dash. Remove the screws and carefully pull the Vessel View forward. Next, I used an endoscopic camera I have the wifi's to my cell phone to see what it looked like inside. Notice the stud with the nut in the 2nd photo, and you'll see how loose mine was. Both of the nuts on my switch plate were loose so I think maybe someone's been in there previously. If you carefully take the 8-32 threaded nut off (e.g. without dropping it into the abyss behind your dash), you can pull the switch plate forward. Now you know how to access your switches as well as how to secure the dash switch plate to the dash securely.
  20. Does anyone know where in the boat the in-hull transducer is mounted?
  21. I was curious as to whether anyone has tried to re-coat the vinyl on the seats. It appears to be an off white color. Checking to see if anyone has already been down this road.
  22. Frank. Thanks for the reply. I think that in the next week or so, I am going to remove the dash panel with the hex head screws that holds the panel upon which the vessel view is mounted to. Will try to capture some photos or videos while I am doing it to post for others. But a few other projects first!
  23. Unfortunately due to a sewage overflow in my home where I store the coolers for the winter, booth coolers were deemed unsalvageable and destroyed. Need to replace them. have looked everywhere on line. Cannot find anywhere. Of course cooler for slide out drawer, needs an 'exact fit' to fit drawer. Under seat cooler has a little flexibility and I believe I can find a replacement. Additionally, need chrome bezel for front port side navigation light. Any ideas where I can find? P.s. located in Canada
  24. I'm looking for a windshield wiper arm/unit for a 2004 265 CR. I can't seem to find the part number or confirmation online. Let me know if any one can assist ? Monterey Parts link doesn't appear to be working
  25. I have the same boat. Also couldn’t figure out how to gain access to the switches or the panel. The mechanic at our marina showed me that you need to unscrew the vessel view above the panel. This will give you the access you should need.
  26. Hi, I need to find a replacement cooler box for my 2006 Monterey 250CR. The original is an Igloo Marine Ultra 25 qt, but this is no longer available. Igloo do a newer model (Marine Contour 25 qt) but they say it is slightly different dimensions and they can't confirm whether it will fit my boat. Anyone know if the Contour will fit, or where I can still get an original Ultra 25? Many thanks.
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