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  3. So, I am in the middle of this project but here are the steps. Thanks to Kevin Temp for his counsel and advice remotely. I needed access to re-wire 2 switches and since ownership of my boat in the past 2 months, I found the helm switch panel plate loose. The switch plate is held in place to the dash with threaded studs on the back of the switch plate. There is a nut with star washer. To access the rear side, you have to go through the Vessel View Cut Out. Remove the upper and lower chrome plastic bezels on the Vessel View. I used a small plastic pry tool that you use to open a cell phone. Once the bezel rings are removed, you will find four (4) Philips screws holding the Vessel View to the dash. Remove the screws and carefully pull the Vessel View forward. Next, I used an endoscopic camera I have the wifi's to my cell phone to see what it looked like inside. Notice the stud with the nut in the 2nd photo, and you'll see how loose mine was. Both of the nuts on my switch plate were loose so I think maybe someone's been in there previously. If you carefully take the 8-32 threaded nut off (e.g. without dropping it into the abyss behind your dash), you can pull the switch plate forward. Now you know how to access your switches as well as how to secure the dash switch plate to the dash securely.
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  6. Does anyone know where in the boat the in-hull transducer is mounted?
  7. I was curious as to whether anyone has tried to re-coat the vinyl on the seats. It appears to be an off white color. Checking to see if anyone has already been down this road.
  8. Frank. Thanks for the reply. I think that in the next week or so, I am going to remove the dash panel with the hex head screws that holds the panel upon which the vessel view is mounted to. Will try to capture some photos or videos while I am doing it to post for others. But a few other projects first!
  9. Unfortunately due to a sewage overflow in my home where I store the coolers for the winter, booth coolers were deemed unsalvageable and destroyed. Need to replace them. have looked everywhere on line. Cannot find anywhere. Of course cooler for slide out drawer, needs an 'exact fit' to fit drawer. Under seat cooler has a little flexibility and I believe I can find a replacement. Additionally, need chrome bezel for front port side navigation light. Any ideas where I can find? P.s. located in Canada
  10. I'm looking for a windshield wiper arm/unit for a 2004 265 CR. I can't seem to find the part number or confirmation online. Let me know if any one can assist ? Monterey Parts link doesn't appear to be working
  11. I have the same boat. Also couldn’t figure out how to gain access to the switches or the panel. The mechanic at our marina showed me that you need to unscrew the vessel view above the panel. This will give you the access you should need.
  12. Hi, I need to find a replacement cooler box for my 2006 Monterey 250CR. The original is an Igloo Marine Ultra 25 qt, but this is no longer available. Igloo do a newer model (Marine Contour 25 qt) but they say it is slightly different dimensions and they can't confirm whether it will fit my boat. Anyone know if the Contour will fit, or where I can still get an original Ultra 25? Many thanks.
  13. Hi there i´m the proud owner of a monterey 276 from 1996 and are looking for answers regarding the color the boat was initialy born with, is the just ral 9010 white or can anyone help telling me, witch gelcoat color to use for the right color? Regards from Denmark
  14. So, during the sea trial of my new to me 2018 Monterey 355 SY, the surveyor noted that the ACR brand RCL 75 spotlight wasn't working. It does rotate and alsotraverses up and down using the dash mounted key pad. However, we don't get lights to illuminate. So, we chalked it up to the Halogen Bulbs being burned out. Well, upon further investigation and emails with customer support at ACR, they indicate that the RCL 75 is discontinued, they don't support it anymore, and that bulbs are even unavailable. I've called local dealers for ACR and none of they support it. I have tried to order the bulb on line from a few manufacturers but all say the replacement bulbs are backordered or not available. And there doesn't appear to be a set of LED's to swap into the RCL 75 to make it work. Thus my questions: A. Has anyone had luck finding the correct bulbs recently? B. Has anyone swapped out a RCL 75 with another spotlight, and if so, would you mind sharing details of your upgrade? Thanks in advance. The procedure for removing/replacing bulbs is quite complex so it's not a simple "just go open the spotlight and see if the bulbs are shot." Alec
  15. On my new to me 2018 Monterey 355 SY, I am going through my boat and cleaning everything. I noticed that the switch panel on the right side of the dash is loose. Since I have no Monterey dealers near me, has anyone had to reattach the panel in the past, and if so, what did you use?
  16. Found it! Seems like this website carries the same bowls and cups and plates. https://comstrom.com/products/j-1474-6-galleyware-flags-melamine-non-skid-20-ounce-soup-bowls-pack-of-6-j-1474-6
  17. Just purchased a 2018 Monterey 355 SY. Anyone ever replace their carpet or weave mat in the cockpit yet and have a stellar recommendation? Yes, I know that the responses above are 5 years old......
  18. Well, I just closed on a new to me 2018 Monterey 355 SY. And on day one I opened the cabinet and the stack of 4 of the melamine monterey bowls fell out and hit the floor. And one broke. Any idea where to buy new? No Monterey dealer near me..... Alec
  19. Walk through windshield overlaps almost 3/8”. Afraid to try and push glass apart on both sides to give clearance. Anyone ever ran into this problem and what is the fix.
  20. We purchased our 253 ES this last summer from a family friend. We are located in California, but have our boat in Lake Havasu, AZ. -Justin
  21. Does anyone know will the bow cover and other covers for a 298ss fit a 305ss? It appears to have the same measurements.
  22. Does anyone know if the Arch Window (zip in) is the same for the 305ss and the 298ss? I am having an issue locating anything for the 305.
  23. Walk through windshield overlaps almost 3/8”. Afraid to try and push glass apart on both sides to give clearance. Anyone ever ran into this problem and what is the fix.
  24. Mikek


    Is there an hour meter on the 1997 262 Cruiser
  25. Can anyone from Monterey Boats shed any light on this? Anyone?
  26. I am going to mount a bowthruster on my CR 282, now it seems like th area in the hull at the bow is completely filled with som e kind of "polyester concret", not foam. have never seen this on a boat before!, anyone nows why and if its common on Monterey boats to do like this - normally areas like this is only filled with air or maybe some foam on older boats. to mount a bowthruster seems to be inpossible or required way to much work to get threw this hard material......
  27. I have removed both my engines twice - 2004 282 CR, mercruiser 5.0 Mpi. it´s a major job and a lot of things needs to be removed........ generator, waterheater, floor in compartment at the stern, bracket to switches on exhaust.... then you can use the chains buti strongly rekommend at lift beam or heavy duty crane.
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