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  1. o.k. here's a good one. Just changed the oil on my "03" 5.7 GXI'S and found that 5 quarts filled it to the top of the range even after changing the (large) filter and running it. But the Volvo spec's say cap. is 6 quarts !!!????
  2. Thanks MOST, I guess i'm in the market for some prop's, Anyone got a spair !! :)
  3. Hello Monterey fans, I've purchased a "03" 298sc with the 320 hp Volvo's and DP drives. Can anyone tell me what stainless prop is supposed to be on there?? Every one on here seems to be talking about their "F" series props and yet when i took mine off to winterize i saw them labeled with "C's" like c-4 and what not. I was not impressed by the performance of these, when i here people talking about their 298"s running in the 60 mph range i think there's no way with mine!! ??
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