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  1. Mine does the EXACT same thing!!! I have a 2004 282Cr. I found a post somewhere on this site, that says he had this condition and to loosen the trim plate and retightened the connections on the back of each gauge and it has been fine ever since. I will let you know how I make out as I plan on doing it this weekend.



    I did try that and at first I thought it was better, but....it still jumps around. If I tap the guage the needle still jumps around too, sometimes settling where it should be, sometimes not. MOST...do you have any suggestions? I haven't seen any responses yet.

  2. the needle on both of my tachs sometimes bounce around and don't read accurately. I think it's related to the guage itself vs. the sending unit because if I tap the guage the needle will move and seems to settle to where it should be. I've removed the panel and checked connections and all wires seem to be tight w/no corrosion. I didn't put any dielectric grease or anything on the connections, but it doesn't seem like it's the connection. So...I think it's the guage, but wanted your opinion on if you agree it's the guage, or something else. if it is the guage, how to you recommend I proceed? I believe Faria has a lifetime warranty, but I'm not sure and need contact info. Thanks in advance for your help!



  3. 2003 298 SS w/350 Mags and Corsa Q&C exhaust package. Noisy ticking coming from port side of port engine. I can't tell if it's coming from the Corsa Q&C exhaust or from a sticky valve. I've talked to a number of people who say it's "just part of the Corsa Q&C exhaust"...."it's great to be able to switch from quiet to loud/power, but...you'll always have a tick". well, my tick is pretty loud, and it's only on the port side. It sounds like it's coming from the Corsa exhaust diverter, but the noise is present whether the exhaust is thru the hull (loud) or thru the prop (quiet). Any suggestions? I called corsa and they said if it's coming from the "tips"...I'll need to remove the tip and send it to them. that sounds like a big, pain in the neck job. I could really use some help here! Thanks!

  4. Has anyone figured out how to add a small cockpit table in front of the back seat on a 298 ss. Ideally, I would like to avoid drilling/cutting and just use the existing hole where there is a latch to open and close/lock the storage under the drivers side. The only problem with replacing the latch is that a simple table base won't keep the storage area locked down.


    Any thoughts?



    I just bought an 03 298 SS and I'm also interested in installing a table. any suggestions from MOST or anyone else? Thanks!

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