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  1. Hi Ian, it does not have anything to do with that, the curve in the original hose, takes care of that when in the full down. And, I found a replacement moulded hose made by Sierra. I will remove the straight one again when I remove my foot for winter storage, which I always do anyway!

  2. Okay,Since everyone is shy to reply, I'll tell you all what happened. I removed the thermostat and tried again. Guage worked fine but over-heated. Thats it..take the boat out. On the trailer. first things first,, check the foot(Alpha 0ne). water holes okay.. look behind the foot towards the transom and see the hose between the foot and the transom KINKED. Damm. I replaced this in the spring also. Since Mercruiser does not sell the moulded hose antmore. They give you a straight hose. I took the hose side by side and cut to the same size. Looked good at first. Too long by half an inch. Had to remove to foot again, remove to hose,take a new hose , cut the half inch shorter.install. put foot back. Put water muffs. start engine. perfect. Soooooooooooooo.....please be careful with the new replacement hose.

  3. Wow,So many things can drain power on a battery. Badly installed stereos....lights etc.... You said you put the battery switch on off and still the batterys are weak? Okay, have a load test done on them. They might have to be fulley charged before a proper test is done. Also... If you start the boat... take a multimeter and see if you have at least 13.5 volts coming to the battery terminals. If not, your alt in not charging..You have to see if you have 12 volts going into the field coil to activate the alt. Start with the load test on the batteries. You can also do a draw test on the system to see if you have any major draws on it. To bad I'm not there to help.

  4. Hi everyone. Love the site, lots of info. Here's the story. Engine over heating only once in a while. I replaced the impeller this spring so it's not that, since the temp is okay one day and over the top the next. I removed the thermostate housing and low and behold...the thermostate was seized closed. It was rated at 160 degress. Replaced with another 160. Reassemble all parts...Now...over cools! My guage is reading 130 on the dash. The guage before was okay. no issues with it. One thing I noticed...the left ,if looking at the engine, exhaust manifold is hotter than the right. Any thoughts??????????????????????

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