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  1. I launched the boat on Saturday, and what a difference the bow thruster makes! It's everything I hoped it would be - the maneuverability is great. I can spin the boat around, and by turning the engine from side to side while alternating forward and reverse, while I use the bow thruster, I can move the whole boat sideways. I single handedly docked her three times with no problems. When I'm not on plane, there is no drag due to how they shaped the front of the thruster tunnel - I don't even notice any difference from before I had the thruster. When I am getting up on plane and on plane, the bow comes out of the water right away, so drag isn't a factor. I didn't notice any performance change, just an increase in maneuverability. All I can say is wow.


    The guy at my marina told me I was cheating - that's fine with me, my ego can handle it. I think I just removed a lot of stress from my boating days.








    It appears the link to your pictures has expired. Can you re-post?

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