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  1. Any updates on your boat?


    In thinking about it, I'd want proof of the "failure". I'd want to have the arch (even all the pieces) before I believed his story. Was this a wide load with a follow vehicle? Where's the pieces? I really, really don't believe his story. Stupid men at boat shows hang off arches and they don't break off.

  2. Sorry for the delayed response.

    Anyway, yup, leaf & small twigs can find their way into the anchor locker. I trailer my 262 and we have lots of trees.


    The internal flap just seems like a PITB to drainage and I can't see a reason for it. Which boats do you guys have? And, erik, I remember your posts about the windlass and will probably end up revisiting that idea this "winter".



  3. I'm thinking about removing the flap inside the anchor locker because I think the rode is holding it closed and it collects leaves. Instead of the flap I'd install a clam shell cover to stop the splashes from entering.


    Does anyone foresee a problem with removing the flapper and installing the cover?


    Thanks in advance

  4. QUOTE(Bob @ May 28 2009, 03:45 PM) I called Bomar and they told me the hatch cover was acrylic and you cannot glue acrylic. You must use a solvent. They insisted that you cannot reattach the plastic housing of the arm to the acrylic cover (the arm assembly is black plastic and the hatch is acrylic) and they tried to sell me a new hatch assembly unit for about $130. After doing some research, I found a $3 tube of "SureHold Plastic Surgery" adhesive that works on both Acrylic and other plastics. You can pick it up at Walgreens. It has now been about 4 weeks since the repair, and all seems to be OK! Hope it lasts.


    UPDATE- After another 2 months the "Plastic Surgery" product is still holding fine!!!

    How about another update?



  5. I boat/fish year round and it rains from October to June here in Oregon. I keep the side windows installed to keep the mist/rain out and I also use the grill year round so mounting on the swim step was the best area for me. If I lived where there was sun, more than the two/three months we see it, then I would have mounted on the gunwale.

    It rains here a lot too, I had not considered how I'd access the grill with the windows on. Thanks for saving me from that one. Ok, so now I'm thinking about putting it on the transom, starboard side.

  6. That's what I ended up doing, I put a flush mount rod holder base on the port side gunwale and bought the coresponding mount from magma, it works great and looks like it came from the factory.

    We'll probably end up with that too. I thought more about mounting it on the swim platform but if we're grilling we're probably stopped and swimming so a hot grill in the way wouldn't be good.

  7. I mounted a Magma grill on my extended swim step between the rungs of the ladder on my 242 Cruiser. Raise the latter door and screw in the pole to the base that's between the ladder rungs then put the grill onto the post and enjoy your meal.


    When you're finished let the grill cool and take it all down then shut the cover. No pedestal base to step/trip over.

    I like that idea, I don't want something to stub a toe on.


    How come no one installed a gunwale mounted rod holder and put a grill into it?

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