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  1. So I have started looking at different fresh water systems and have comes across two. Volvo penta about 1500 dollars and a San Juan engineering at about half the price. Any adivce on the differences? Would these systems fit in the engine bay of a 204fs?
  2. is loving his 204FS!!

  3. Thanks for the advice GetAway...I didn't even know such systems existed. I read up on the saltaway and went out almost immediately to purchase the manual set up. Since I am moored at a marina (no trailer and plan to raise the boat out of the water once a year for its annual maintenance...not sure if that's a silly thing to do), fresh water is readily available every time we come back. I am not sure how the person before had taken care of his boat so I guess one can only start doing his best to keep it well maintained. I will look into the FWC system as I feel that would be great although I can imagine the types of troubles I would face e.g. pump failure etc...
  4. RIP5, had a closer look at the hull yesterday...the serial ends in 11. So I suppose there must have been a split in production during 2011. Whatever...it's a great boat!
  5. All clear now The boat is at the shop right now for it's annual service and you are probably quite right about the console. I decided to sacrifice my helm cup holder and go with the GPS installed on a custom mount (this happened before I found the swivel mount company) but it looks pretty good so far and out of the way of any gauges. I am quite annoyed though, since the coast guard force you to install a transponder on your boat in the event that you are stuck out at sea(you can click on "the red button" and they come to your rescue. They also force you to use their "gifted" installers that have damaged the upholstery on the bow/port side. This does sound a little silly, but I have been importing my parts directly from the US it works out cheaper than purchasing locally, as well as the fact that the local agent doesn't seem to have a large stock either, but would appreciate any help in knowing what the part number for that unit it and perhaps where I can purchase it from? (Its the back rest I am after only) http://montereyboats.com/upload/boats/2/photos/204FS_Aft%20Seating_1581x1050_resize_1693714036.jpg
  6. checked the engine number...it ends with 11. Maybe an overseas thing? not sure. I did find an accessory that allows fixing a GPS at the helm potentially quite easily as well. http://www.themountdepot.com/RAM_B_101_G2U_p/ram-b-101-g2u.htm
  7. Interesting....I will have a look and let you know. I note though my engine is a 270bhp engine, not the 220bhp as the 194fs you have linked. It could be an international thing I suppose. I am still struggling with the idea of mounting the GPS fish finder on the passenger side. I am considering fabricating a mount to fit in the cupholder on the drivers side. Have you come across anything like this?
  8. Hi Rip5, Thanks for the feedback, unfortunately it will not fit in the area as you had suggested. I was a little concerned with your comments about the age of the boat and did a little snooping around on the net. This is our boat: http://www.bayviewyachtharbour.com/featured/monterey2011-204fs-b.html I noticed that the boat didn't really like much shop either but not planning on deep sea fishing and generally it will be used as a day boat for skiing etc... Someone suggested that I should install it on the passenger side of the helm, right about the glove box. It seems the only viable solution unless I sacrifice my cup holder.
  9. Hello everyone. We (my wife and I) have just purchased a Monterey 204fs 2011 and am very excited as this is our first boat! We take delivery this weekend and are eagerly counting the days! The boat is a 2011 with fairly low hours on the engine (90hrs). The boat is in great shape too as one would expect from a boat only one year old. I do have a few questions and was hoping someone can shed some light! The boat is being used in salt water and will be wet berthed as I would be using it for fishing occasionally. I have purchased a Garmin 521s and am struggling on finding a location to fix it. Has anyone with a similar boat done something similar? (Apologies for using an external site, the image upload didn't seem to work) http://forums.iboats.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=167473&d=1347263108 http://forums.iboats.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=167474&d=1347263120 http://forums.iboats.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=167475&d=1347263135
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