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  1. :huh: I have a 2005 248ls, I want to change out the stereo as so I can have one to connect my IPOD. Does anyboby know where the remote stereo wires run? I want to repleace the existing one with one with a better remote so I can see what station I am on, track, etc. Currently my stereo is mounted in the head with the remote mounted to the left lower side of the helm.

  2. I am going to try and make this work yet. There has to more then three people that would like to attend a summer get together on the water in NJ. I am trying to put together a Monterey version of Aquapalooza. Take the winter to decide and if interested, submit a few dates to select from. I would guess Tice's Shoal would be the best place or maybe a cove in Banaget Bay. either way I would really like some feedback. If this new site is working correctly I would be able to write back to you directly so you don't have to keep checking Baoting in New Jersey for a reply. If not PLEASE include your Email address.


    Have a Great Winter and come on lets get involved :



    Mike W./Junior


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