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  1. I am going to try and make this work yet. There has to more then three people that would like to attend a summer get together on the water in NJ. I am trying to put together a Monterey version of Aquapalooza. Take the winter to decide and if interested, submit a few dates to select from. I would guess Tice's Shoal would be the best place or maybe a cove in Banaget Bay. either way I would really like some feedback. If this new site is working correctly I would be able to write back to you directly so you don't have to keep checking Baoting in New Jersey for a reply. If not PLEASE include your Email address.


    Have a Great Winter and come on lets get involved :



    Mike W./Junior


    My family & I are interested in this event , we would be coming from the NYC Hudsun river area.

    Please keep me informed to any details, for now my calander is clear except the week of july 13th. Mail me jaysea441@comcast.net Is there any news of location ? Id need to know sooner than later to locate a marina to stay over night . We have stayed @ belmar marina for the seafood fest & plan on attending this year if the weather cooperates june 7th & 8th .

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