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  1. Hello,




    I installed the Ultrasonic Antifouling on my 415 SY beginning of April this year. After 4 months in Mediterranean Sea near Saint-Tropez where the Sea is between 24 and 27° Celsius in summer, the boat is really clean (including propellers).




    I just have some algae (white and hard) on the flaps and on the plastic speed and temperature sensor connected to the RayMarine ST40. At sea, I was able to clean the sensor in less than 5 minutes.




    Last year at the same time, with a Cranchi Zaffiro 34 boat, it was necessary to take out the boat to clean the Volvo D4 stern drives using acid.




    I used a 12V system connected to a 3024iL Blue Sky Energy solar charger (http://www.blueskyenergyinc.com/) thru its controlled 12V output (an output which is automatically closed if the battery level is less than 11.6 V). The Solar Charger is connected to 3 solar panels I put on the hardtop. I use AGM batteries.




    I put the system just between the two Volvo D6 engines. Maybe I will put it elsewhere because I do not know the thickness of the hull at this place. If some MOST people can give me the thickness of the hull at this place and near the depth transducer, it will help.




    I hope this help.











  2. Hi Jerome,


    I have had my 400SY since April. It is a great boat! In ideal conditions I can cruise at 200rpm below the maximum, at about 3400rpm. Depending on fuel, water and other load factors, the maximum cruise speed is 35-37mph. Top speed is about 41-42mph, again dependent on load and weather conditions.


    This past week I cruised 5 hours to my destination in bad weather, and returned in 3 hours in good weather. I used approximately 5/8 of total fuel capacity for the whole trip.


    I hope you enjoy your new boat. The IPS drive is amazing, though I do recommend that you follow all of Volvo's recommended maintenance activities.



    Joe Davis

    Virginia, USA


    Thank you Joe for all these information,


    I just sell my 2005 Cranchi Zaffiro 34. It was equipped with 2 Volvo Penta D4 260cv, my consumption with these motors was about 40 litres/hour (10,57 g/h) at 23 nautical mph. It seems the D6 consumes a lot more (+50%).


    I will be at Cannes exhibition in south of France next week where I will see my first Monterey Boats model! I am sure I will not be disappointed. My 400SY will be at Paris exhibition and I will get it beginning of january 2009 (in France, we pay an expansive tax every 1st of january according to size and motor power so I prefer wait a few days before getting it).


    I got some photos from the last Monterey dealer meeting (thanks to Sensey Import, the french distributor) and I downloaded the user manual from this web site so I have a lot of information to read now. The only photos I miss is one of the large storage under the sun island, one of the storage under the helm seat and one of the storage under the cockpit lounge seat. I plan a large trip in Mediterranean sea next summer and I try to prepare a list of needed things I will take with us.


    By the way, what is the generator model and trademark ?


    Best regards

    Jérôme Cornut

  3. Hello,


    :rolleyes: I just ordered today my first Montereyboats unit. :rolleyes:


    It will be a 415SY (international version of the 400SY) with IPS 500.

    My unit should be shown at the December Boat Show in Paris (France) this year.


    Does anyone made some test with these motors ? I am looking for consumption and speed at different use (1000, 1500, 2000, ..., 3600 rpm).


    What is the best cruising speed ? at xxx rpm ?


    I am still looking for photos of the boat; as I will have the first one in France, I was not able to see it (it is a little frustrating...). Please send me some (and user manual if you can).


    Best regards

    Jerome Cornut

    92140 Clamart


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