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  1. All,


    Again I'm new to Boats and I bought mine (Monterey 250 CR from 2007) from a private owner.. (so not much instructions)..


    I'm now going to take my boat out of the water to have it stored for the winter.


    I noticed that after it has been taken out of the water I should remove the bilge drain plug immediately.. where do I find this "plug"?


    Thanks for your assistance :-).





    On the back of the boat at the lowest point.

  2. I'm pretty sure all of your canvas is Sunbrella. Mine was made by Taylor and is Sunbrella material. You can got to their web site for info. They say to use 303 fabric cleaned then the fabric protector. I lean with those and after the protection I apply 303 UV protector.

    You apply the 303 protectant on top of the 303 waterproofing? Interesting, I'm sure it helps with slow fading. Does the water still bead?

  3. Recently purchased a 2008, 250CR. I'm looking for a trailerable cover and the closest I can find is custom made for a 2005. Does anyone know if there is a difference between the 2005's and 2008's that would cause this cover not to fit? The boats sure look similar.

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