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  1. Have you considered flush mounting a unit in the dash panel in-board of the wheel? That's what I did with a Standard Horizon 155cp, it fits and looks great. The only draw back is that you have to look down to see it but that has not been an issue for me. Good luck. Jeff

  2. My cruising will be mostly alone and I am considering the addition of a bow thruster. I did find a 270CR advertised for sale that listed it as having a bow thruster, so now I am convinced it can be done. I would be interested in hearing from any members that might already have a bow thruster installed on their cruiser.

    Pros, cons, tips, pictures, etc. all greatly appreciated. Thanks, Russ russwhite@earthlink.net

    Hi Russ,

    I think that you should reconsider the need to install a bow thruster. I have a 2005 270CR and I also have a USCG 100 Ton Masters License. I operate single screw, twin screw and jet drive boats. With 30 to 50 dockings a day (more than most boaters do all season) I have yet to find the need for a bow thruster. With the right plan, preparation and practice you should be able to dock your boat, single handed and look like a pro. I would suggest a few lessons from a competent captain (much cheaper than a bow thruster) and practice, practice, practice! (Preferably on a well fendered dock)

    Good luck and happy boating,


  3. I have a 2005 248LSC with a Mercruiser MAG MPI (300HP) and I average about 5 GPH gas usage overall. I am contemplating moving up to a 270CR with a Volvo 5.7GXI (320 HP). Does anyone have any experience with this (or similar) configuration in terms of gas usage?

    I have a 270 with the 5.7GXI DP, My overall average is usually about 6 GPH, Cruising at 24 kts you can expect 9-10 GPH. If you run the boat over 3500 rpm to WOT expect o burn a lot more. It has turned out to be a very economical cruiser. Good luck, Jeff

  4. We have a 2007 270 and love to anchor off shore. Just one hitch. The dog has to get to shore. I have looked at dinghies but am reluctant given the 8'6" beam and their infringement on the swing platform when locking. Or is this really an issue? Any ideas for an alternative means to get to shore?

    I also have a 270 '05, I have an inflatable, that I mostly use to visit friends within my marina and on longer cruises. And I also have an 8' kayak the sit-on-top type, depending on the size of your dog the one-man or two man kayak may due the trick. Mine fits on the foredeck along he rail and at 42lbs it is easily launched and retrieved, and best of all it only cost $250. Good luck. Jeff

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