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  1. On my 302 CR there´s following P/T installation

    2 Volvo Penta 5.7 Gi-B, 280HP with SX-M drive 1.51 ratio

    I´m wondering about the installed props (no idea which dia. and pitch) as engines run at recommended speed

    even with 6 persons and 50% fuel @30 knots (GPS) just 50% throttle open.

    Which propsize is recommended or was installed by the builder?

    Thanks in advance for your help

  2. SIgnals from BB/SB engine can be found on the connector from the engine harness extension (see also page M-63 in UM)

    under the dash and are continued to the instruments


    Meaning of the colors

    • BLK            GND
    • GRY            ENG.TACHOMETER
    • TAN            WATER TEMP
    • PUR            IGNITION
    • RED/PUR   12V+

    For the i.e. TRIM POS.SENDER there´s a further connector in the engine room which causes problems sometimes.

  3. I have a 302CR as well. My boat behaves same way, if DC power is switched off/shorepower unplugged. So for me it´s normal,

    To have DC devices functional w/o shorepower you have to run an optional genset or you need a AC-DC converter

    with separate batterybank.


  4. Dear boatfriends,

    thanks for your answers, this is already a great help. Only missing thing are now

    - max. number or passengers and max. payload

    Unfortunately the placard is missing (no idea, who takes it off), so I've no reference for the above.  Maybe an

    302 Cruiser owner can provide a picture of this.

    Thanks in advance for your help

    Kind regards

    Georg Käter, Aachen, Germany


  5. Hi all,

    I´ve bought a 2002 302 Cruiser w/2 Volvo 5,7GXi-SX in the Netherlands. This boat has been produced for the US market and has been imported to the Netherlands.
    To run the boat here in Europe, it´t necessary to get it CE certified. I´ve already contact to a company who would do this, to support this I need first to have technical
    data as below (also partial information would be helpful)

    - Category
    - OAL, OAW
    - base weight
    - max. number of passengers
    - max. payload
    - max. allowed installed power (kW)

    Any further data would be helpful too

    Thanks in advance for your help

    Kind regards

    Georg Käter, Aachen, Germany


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