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  1. I have a 2017 335SY.

    There is a blue LED light strip inside the engine intake vent on the port side. I cannot see the strip because it's tucked up inside the vent.

    This light is activated from the courtesy light switch at the helm.

    Does anyone know if there is the same light on the starboard side? 

    Does anyone know what tis light is called?


    I can't find any mention of these lights in the wiring diagrams.

  2. I had my 2018 335SY for 3 seasons. The house battery goes dead every year and will not hold a charge. The batteries show a full charge and goes to full discharge as soon as a load is placed on the battery. I've replaced 3 house batteries already.

    I'm using GelTech 700MCA/505CCA 88A.H batteries. This problem only affects the house battery. Unfortunately, the generator battery is connected to the same switch in the panel and therefore goes dead also. That battery seems to accept a charge and has not given me problems.

    Does anyone have similar problems and any suggestions or comments on what may be the cause? 

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