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  1. Happy Labor Day to all. Have a 2014 328ss. I/Os  docking yesterday lost control of port engine . No response and stuck in forward gear. Had to shut down engine and limp in.  Now the throttle light will not indicate neutral ( I’m assuming still stuck in forward gear) but motor cranks and won’t start either.  I thought that was odd. If the boat thinks it in gear I would think it shouldn’t crank. That’s how a car works anyway. Any thoughts  I’m going to check neutral switch this week.  Thx 

  2. I’m looking at buying a 2014 328ss.with 350 Mags. Wondering if this is underpowered with these engines.  I love the look of the boat. Boats are kind of scarce these days and I’m looking to upgrade from my 22 ft open bow  Any help would be great thx

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