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My Monterey

322 Cockpit Upgrades

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New owner of a 2001 322 getting ready for first season with it. In the cockpit, looking to replace the arch lights with LEDs, any suggestions for complete fitting replacement? Also the handles for the cabinet doors beneath the sink need replacing, looking for a direct replacement.

Boat currently has a Kenwood head unit and speakers in the arch. Thinking of replacing with Fusion. Has anyone added extra speakers or a sub?

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I can tell you what to look for in arch lights.

First, stay away from anything plastic. It won't last and the plastic doesn't allow the LEDs to dissipate heat like they should. In other words, they won't last.

LEDs will give you options you don't have with the old lights. There are several colors available. White, white and blue, blue and red, or even RGB full-color spectrum. The RGBs require a light controller so unless you want to go full RGB courtesy lights and deck lights they aren't worth it. The two-color lights, (white/blue, blue/red) use a standard ON/OFF rocker switch to change colors. They can also be dimmed with this switch.

I hope that helps.

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For anyone else looking to solve this, I found that Marine Boat LED Dome Light Stainless Steel Inner Diameter: 3.6" Outer Diameter: 4.32 (Link below) fit over the old holes perfectly. I wanted something that was made for a boat so that it would not deteriorate as quickly as an RV light would.

Current link


If this is dead search for "Marine Boat LED Dome Light Stainless Steel" and just make sure the diameters are the same as above.

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