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My Monterey

Where can I buy optional AC unit for 2007 250

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Hi, I have a 2007 250 Sport Cruiser, and the manuals say that there is an option to add an air conditioning unit to it. I'd rather buy one made for my Monterey, rather then custom fit some after market unit. Any help would be appreciated.




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I do not own your boat but have replaced the AC unit in my 322 and am getting ready to replace both AC units in the boat I am buying. In general, boat manufacturers do not make an AC unit just for one boat. What you need to do is figure out the AC options that were available for your boat and that will lead you to the general units that were used. If you can find someone who will take a picture of their AC unit in your model boat it will also make your job a lot easier.  And finally, you will need to figure out if the wiring and plumbing are already in your boat for the AC unit. If not then you have a serious endeavor in front of you.


Good luck!

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