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  1. I had a 248 witht that same engine - If I were you I wouldn't buy that boat with anything less than a 425Hp engine. Shep
  2. I love your 248 with that Wakeboard tower - awesome!
  3. Putting it under the sunpad would be the same as mounting it in the engine compartment wouldn't it? Have you considered mounting it against the (front) wall under the sink area? I mounted my amplifier here and routed the cables to throught the engine room - the accesability is decent.
  4. SHEP

    Boat Names

    The town homes across from "Lock's Pointe Restaurant"?
  5. SHEP

    298 SC

    First let me say that for an expecting (their first) couple - this is the boat to buy. The mid Berth will be perfect for the little one while you and your wife enjoy the V-berth (plenty of room unless you are 6'5" or more..... There is no table in the cockpit - its funny you ask as my wife has asked me to add one. I think its easily possible. The drivers seat folds out to a huge lounger. I do not have the rear camping canvass, but from what I have been told it makes sitting on the rear bench uncomfortable as you have to duck with the angle of the canvas to the boat. Love the boat, you will too!
  6. Ironically the first picture of my boat on the beach is by the old Captn' Georges restaurant in Pungo... That large boat in the background in the "Nantucket" that ran aground a couple of weeks ago...
  7. We have - we much prefer to go to Factory Point in the Hampton area - its a straight shot, about an hour, nice ride - NO LOCKS!!! I will say that the ride in the ICW is nice and smooth......
  8. SHEP

    298 SC

    I have the 298 SC and love it - The first year we bought it we spent probably 8 nights in it, never more than one at a time. Its a great boat that suits our needs - I wanted speed, the wife wanted more of the creature comforts. We have two kids 3 and 8 and it works out well. The thing I don't care much for is the fact that when its sleeping time we have to convert the v berth to the sleeping area. I normally end up in the mid berth by myself while the two kids and wife enjoy the v berth. A perfect setup would be something with a seperate dinette - like in the cruiser family, the problem is that I don't think I am willing to sacrifice the speed....... SHEP
  9. SHEP

    Boat Names

    Well hi there neighbor!! We are also on the Elizabeth River, The western Branch, South side down from City Park - Where on the elizabeth are you??
  10. SHEP

    Boat Names

    "Impatient" - self explanatory:
  11. Where do you put in....Centreville or Pungo?
  12. Empty with the wind in my stern by myself 62 on GPS, Full tank with the family 56-58, surprised a few people......
  13. I figure I would start a thread for the 'family' to introduce themselves and show a picture of their pride and joy. My family lives in Virgina and we boat from Yorktown, Virginia to Elizabeth City, NC (so far at least) - We live in Portsmouth Virginia. (in the middle). We started two years ago with a 248LSC and within a year upgraded to a 298SC (rebadged to a 318). Hope to meet more Monterey owners, especially local to hang out with. SHEP
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