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  1. I have an 03 298SC with a Kohler 5kw genset. Twice in the past 2 weeks my genset has hydrolocked with water in the cylinder head (valves/spark plug area). When I try to start the genset it wont turn over. The 1st time I took out spark plugs, sucked the water out with a pump, changed oil and filter (it was milky white due to water in engine.) The water I pulled out is raw water not green anti-freeze fluid. I assume it is from the exhaust side. So after changing oil and plugs it ran fine. Then this weekend after another rough and choppy day on the lake (30mph winds and 3-4 foot waves - unusal for our lake), the genset hydrolocked again. I took the spark plugs out, covered plug holes with rags and turned over engine with sea-cock closed to pump water out of heads. Again it is raw water not green anti-freeze. Put plugs back in and engine started with a little cranking. Once engine started I opened sea-cock and it ran fine. Now the only thing I have changed from factory is the sea-cock connections hoses for the a/c pump and genset. What i mean is the a/c pump was hooked up to the scoop type seacock and the genset was hooked up to the flush mount seacock. I switch late last summer and never had a issue until 2 weeks ago as we have had really rough waters the past 3+ weeks. I did this as we forgot to turn off genset while running 40mph and burned up impeller. My question is, should I put the hoses back to the way the factor had them (genset flush mount & a/c pump scoop seacock)? Is the scoop type seacock forcing too much water threw the impeller housing, into the exhaust canister and not able to exit the genset overflow discharge on the side of the boat and going back into the engine heads? I cant see water coming back all the way threw the genset exhaust seacock on side of haul since it is flush then pushing water back past the black canister and then threw the heat exchanger and into the heads thus causing hydrolock? Has anyone else experienced this? At very least I might just switch hoses back and see if that solves problem.
  2. We have an 03' 298 SC. With fuel, genset, gear and ice chest, you will be about 10,500 (dry weight states 8,600). Plus you need to figure in the wieght of the trailer. I have a 3 axle LoadMaster from Ohio (3x electrical brakes too). Trailer wieght is 2,220lbs. Total trailer capacity is 15,600 as each axle is 5,200lbs. You could go with a dual axle trailer if you get 7,000lb axles. 3 axles are better than 2 espeically if you blow a tire. My 2 cents.
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