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  1. Thought I'd post a note here too. If anyone has the opportunity to visit Lake James, NC it is well worth any drive you might make. The water is great and very deep, any shallow water is well marked. Currently North Carolina lakes are drying up but hopfully there will be a lot of winter rain for next season.
  2. I hope I am doing this right, I have a 2005 FS 180 with a 4.3L Merc. There are many things in owners manual that I can do for example an oil change. However, this is much more difficult than I thought. I finally took it to my local boat dealer (no Monterey's) and paid a lot for a little. My problem was I cannot find the oil filter! The dealer told me they will not do it again for the price I paid (just under 300.00). They recommended going to the remote system. I'm not to familier with that, I'm looking for any assistance that might be helpful. Thanks...
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