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  1. Hi Marfi - thanks for this. I know you can purchase showers from other manufacturers for fitting and thats ok, however I would like to know which shower unit Monterey fit to the new version of this boat as they have obviously sourced a unit that is perfect for it. Also the size and the whereabouts of the water tank to supply the shower would be of great interest as I am sure that Monterey would have considered the best placing of these parts within the boat. I would certainly get a professional to fit this type of unit. Perhaps you guys at Monterey could let me know if you can sell the shower system? I would love to know. Thanks, J.
  2. Hi, I own a Monterey Edge 180 that I bought new in 2000. I notice that the new version of my boat has a shower attachment on the stern. Is it possible to retro fit a shower attachment to the boat? I was wondering if Monterey sell a kit so that I could either have it fitted by a professional or even DIY. Does anyone have any thoughts or ideas on this? I live in the UK. Thanks, Jed.
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