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  1. What year model did the Gen III cool fuel module appear (I have an '03 350 MAG Bravo 3)?
  2. You're right...Progressive was amazing!!. They authorized a complete new paint job since the Caribbean Blue is so hard to match. I can't speak highly enough about them.
  3. More government trash to run our lives. These idiots just can't help themselves unless a new tax proposal is in place at EVERY turn, for ANY reason. Darn right I signed it! Thanks for the link.
  4. I get an emergency call today from the marina. It seems that somehow, my boat ended up sliding off the lift, into the water, and was located on the other side of Lake Lewisville. Hats off to Pier 121 (upon finding it with no one aboard ) for towing it back and storing in in an adjacent slip. As a result of this "Ghost Ship," there's now SEVERE exterior damage to both sides of the boat, including huge gashes in the gelcoat as well as ripped pin striping. The whole vessel may need repainting and I haven't even been able to look at the sterndrive (no lift in the temporary slip) for damage in the event it scraped the bottom. My fear is that someone pulled the rings from the lift causing it to fail. I had the boat tied to the dock as well....ropes were loosened or had become loose, and therefore, rendered themselves useless (sorry, no boat pics yet). Here's my concern, and this is where I need your help:I'm insured with Progressive and have never had a claim. Has anyone worked with them before, and is this type of thing covered?? I read the policy and it seems as though I'll be fine, but I'm sickened to think that this happened. Any thoughts before I call the agent when he opens?
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