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  1. MOST, My air conditioner has been freezing, I assume up due to poor air flow. I have very little cold air coming from my cold air vents. I cannot seem to locate the 'return air' vent in my 2006 322 cr. Where is the air return located? Thanks for your consideration. David
  2. Hello all, I have a 2006 322 Cruiser with twin 5.7's. My question is in regard to the power steering setup. Both motors have a power steering pump with a belt on the pulley. I understand that the power steering pump on the starboard engine provides the power steering for both stern drives. That is, if you only run your port motor (in the event of a starboard motor failure) you will not have power steering. The starboard PS pump maintains a good fluid level. The port motor consistently has low Power steering fluid, I usually have to top it off every month or so. Finally, on to my questions: 1. Why would the fluid level in the port PS pump be consistently low. I do not see PS fluid in the bildge. 2. Is it necessary to top off the PS fluid in the port pump, if it is not providing the power steering for the stern drives? 3. Would I hear whining from the Port PS pump if the fluid was low and causing problems with the pump? Anyother insight would be helpful. Thanks for your consideration.
  3. Hello Lady Stella, My family and I have moved up the bay from Rock Hall and are now docked in Fairlee Creek. I believe we are just across the bay form the Middle river. Have you ever been to Jelly fish joels.....of course you have, right?
  4. I have a 2006 Monterey 322 CR with twin Volvo Penta 5.7 OSI-d's: I had an alarm issue that were attributed to a bad sensor. First, I determined which engine was throwing the alarm; mine was port. There are several sensors; fuel pressure, temperature, etc. I guessed and started troubleshooting temperature. When running at 2300 RPM, my temperature for both engines, after warm up was fine; about 170 degrees F. I used an infrared thermometer ($45) and took the temperature of all four risers, when they were all about the same temp (somewhere about 105 degrees F, if i remember correctly), I concluded there was not a cooling issue due to bad thermostat, too little water (bad/worn impellar) or clogged risers. As both engines were running at the same temps, guages were showing similar values, etc. My thinking was that both engines were performing similarly and only one was throwing an alarm. I figured a bad sensor was triggering the alarm; as I have read complaints about the sensors. I first located and inspected the exhaust riser sensors and found one to have a bad connection. I cleaned the connector, removed and replaced the sensor (about $25-30 each) and the problem was fixed. I got lucky and would suggest getting your boat checked by an authorized service technician. I just wanted to share my experience.
  5. Hello, My boat was slightly burned by an adjacent boat that had caught fire. The damage looks cosmetic, with the exception of the spotlight, and was wondering if anyone had been through a similar experience. Any suggestions on what I should have checked out? I have read about fiberglass resins losing their integrity when presented with temperature in the 80-100 degree Celsius range. Should I be concerned with the interface between my hull and topside in the bowsprit area? How about issues that may present themselves in a couple of years? Any feedback would be helpful, thanks.
  6. Update: After reading through the engine manuals, I have found there are two fuelpumps on the 5.7 osi-d engines. Still wondering if anyone has a fuel flow meter on their boats and if they would recommend the install. How about trim tab LED lights? That is, LED lights that mount on bennett trim tabs that allow for aiming the lights as well as no additional holes to drill through the hull.
  7. Hello all, I am considering a fuel flow meter for my 2006 322 CR with twin volvo penta 5.7 (http://www.floscan.com/html/blue/seriesdetail.php?sid=14) and have a couple of questions. 1. Has anyone installed this or a similar fuel flow meter and found it useful? 2. Reading the specifications of this particular meter it mentions the folowing: "Please confirm whether your outboard engine listed above has one or two fuel pumps (low and high pressure pump). Earlier versions of these engines typically have a single fuel pump where a FloScan system can be used. " are there two fuel pumps on the volvo penta 5.7 engines? thanks for any insight provided. Happy New year!! David
  8. what is my status?

  9. I am just north of Rock Hall...eastern shore. How about you?
  10. I am a new Monterey boater in the Chesapeake bay...wanted to hear from other chesapeake bay boaters Thanks for your consideration, David
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