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  1. I would like to replace the steering wheel on my 276 Cruiser. What is involved? It seems rather simple. I took of the cap, unscrewed the bolt, and now I am stuck. I am starting to wonder whether this is as easy as it looks.
  2. Both the stereo and water pump stopped working on my 1999 276 cruiser. It's not the entire DC Panel that is bad because the refrigerator (also on the DC Panel) is working. How can I find if there are fuses for the stereo and water pump that are blown out? Where is the fuse box? Or, is it most likely the circuit breaker itself for them is bad? Please help soon - I have family visiting in three days and desperately want to get these fixed! These (hopefully) seem like simple enough fixes. Both of these worked about 2 months ago. I had the boat with a repair guy when they stopped working. I dont have the money to have him look at it again, so I want to try to fix these myself.
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