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  1. Hey Dodge. I put in a V1 which is the only one that would fit under my hatch. I called Monterey and got the recommended part but that was discontinued by Lewmar. The V1 was the replacement. Call Lewmar before buying rope/chain and double and triple check. The spec sheet with the installation guide had incorrect information as to chain and rope size. I almost bought the wrong stuff. And no one at Lewmar cared it was wrong. In fact double check everything. I don't think there are many windlass installs out West (I'm in Montana) I had a ton of problems with parts, getting the right stuff, etc. Not sure if you've bought yet but West Marine matches internet pricing. I found a sweet price that they matched. Email me if you have any issues. I may not be real helpful but I can look at my install if you have any issues. hopper dropper at g mail dot com No spaces obviously.
  2. I've got the same problem. Any luck with yours? Mine works fine with a good bit of lube for a week or so. I'll check out new rollers next year.
  3. I've got a 2007 250 CR. I went back and forth to hire it out or do it myself and finally got a decent bid (I thought) of $500 install. I went with that instead of the home garage install (won't fit in my garage). He had around 10 hours into it, so obviously underbid it. Its a tedious process and he said it was no fun. I don't want to dissuade but it is a big job. Good luck.
  4. Are you talking about interior lights? I had replaced one interior light this year, I just took the bad bulb to Ace and matched it up. Not sure about yours but mine just "popped out". It was not a screw in type.
  5. I"m missing a light above the mid cabin on my 2007 250 CR. Looks like a long skinny light? Any ideas?
  6. Okay, dumb question maybe but here goes. If a boat is "prewired" for a windlass would there simply be wires in the anchor locker?
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