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  1. Hi PGI CONCH, thank you for the info & picture.. and sorry for my delay. The whole Covid19 mess hitting here certainly put a spanner in the works & stopped to all normal projects. This is my first chance to even get back on the forum. Pls see attached, I've included a pic of my engine room panel, which is not exactly the same as yours but similar. My 'main' is located in the rear/port cockpit behind a side door when you first enter the vessel, alongside 3 battery & shore-power on-off isolator keys. I manually tripped all panel breakers & reset each but still no luck with the bilges at this point. So perhaps a wire's broken somewhere (which I'm dreading!!) Cheers, Peter
  2. Hi Most, the auto shower sump bilge pump and the auto engine bay bilge pump have both stopped working, so can I assume they share the same fuse or circuit breaker wiring.. or would it just be a coincidence that both stopped have functioning? The manual engine bay pump still works fine. Could you please point me to the location of the fuse (or fuses) as I cannot find which ones relate to the pumps? Thank you, Peter
  3. Hi Rip5, thanks for the reply & advice. What I tried to say was that there doesn't seem to be be power going to the blk/gr/wte 'icemaker' labeled wires. I tested for current with a multimeter, but found none. I expected to read 110v, or possibly 24v or 12v, but nothing. When testing I switched all panel switches, isolators, breakers, etc.. but nothing produced a current in the line. I also tried tracing the wires back, but lost them in the engine room wiring loom. So i either have to start a whole new re-wire from scratch, or find a way to use what is already pre-wired there by Monterey, albeit for the icemaker. Also I assume the Icemaker offered as an option is 110v and not 12v or 24v? Any further help much is much appreciated. Regards, PeterC
  4. Hi MOST, In my 2006 302CR I want to hook up a cockpit fridge to the Baclk-Green-White wires & plug (labeled ICEMAKER) in the portside engine room. The boat did not have an icemaker fitted, so the wires are tied back/unused. Once I connect, how can I open/close power to this site, as there is no spare switch, or switch listed as Icemeker in the cabin elec panel?
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