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  1. We named our 262 "Nenya" which is from The Lord of the rings. Its the name of the elve ring that controls water, just love the connection there. Yes i am a Big fan of Tolkien.
  2. Tanks. I have seen the chart, but it does not tell me that much other than the color number. Problem is that the Spectrum products are not easy to get in europe (Denmark). So some kind of international color definition would be Nice, or an adress where i can buy the products ( in europe).
  3. Hi! I am the lucky owner of an 262 cruiser from 2001. Problem is, that i have a fev places, where i have to do some repair on the gelcoat. Now the question: what colour is the hull??? It is not the bright white (like RAL 9010), but a bit to the pearl white side (RAL 1013 or 9016) How can i find the correct colour code? I have attached a photo to help a bit.
  4. Hi fellow boaters Greetings from a newbie from Denmark. Seems to be a great forum. Recently bought a 2001 262 CR. Cannot wait until it is put in the water. Had an ´89 2100 CC. Was a great ride, but the admiral wanted more room and comfort so..........
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