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  1. Ian, don't worry I don't have a buzzer going which I wanted to silence. I just wondered what the switches did and I have left them both in the on position. My boat was fitted with two 240hp Yanmar 4HLAs by Monterey's UK dealer as the original owner wanted more power than the normal diesel engine offerings. These can get the boat up to 33knots+ although owing to diesel prices in the UK (round $10 a gallon) I don't go WOT for very long or undertake very long cruises. Gas (petrol) prices in the UK is about 30% more so few people in the UK are rich/mad enough to install them and not all marinas supply it. The engines comprise a large % of the value of my boat so I know I need to take good care of them. When I bought the boat the engines had only done around 100 hours and I aim to double that by the end of my first season I've had a few minor teething issues with the engines primarily due to under use I think. If anyone can tell me how to get hold of a reasonably priced low oil pressure sender which 'drives' the the alarm buzzer I would appreciate it as I have been told it will cost around $300 for the part in the UK The oil pressure gauge itself is fine so this isn't a priority repair for me, especially at that price. Thanks. Seahope
  2. From the simple process of trial and error I have found what they do. They turn off the engine warning buzzers.
  3. Yes, I tried to lever it off initially but that didn't work and then I realised it just unscrewed and it didn't take too much force either I used my hand.
  4. Hi, I have noticed two plastic bottles mounted half way down both my Yanmar 4LHA engines. I think that these are the lube oil reservoirs for the Mercruiser Bravo 3 outdrives? I have also found in the eternal rear transom cabinet two circular inspection holes within which I can see two yellow oil top-ups. I am wondering what these are for as I can't find a dip-stick and I'm fairly sure that these are not the main engine oil fill-up points and if the legs are topped up by the reservoir I'm wondering what these are? My boat is a Monterey 282 2005 model.
  5. Yes that did it. I then needed to unscrew the plastic coloured covering to access the bulb. It was fine. The problem was that the metal plate that folds over to hold the bulb in place had become less tight so I guess the electrical connection to the bulb had been lost. I bent the metal back and put it all back together.
  6. Thanks for your answer, obviously it was almost dark by the time we berthed so I may not have been able to see the small screw.
  7. Hi MOST, Sorry another simple question. I have a port navigation light out and I couldn't see how to access it as the metal housing seems to have no obvious way to remove it and I didn't want to use force without checking. How do I get to the bulb? Regards Seahope
  8. Hi all, I recently bought my first boat and had a few minor engine issues with it which just goes to show that low useage engines (<100 hours) can be troublesome. The latest is that the port Yanmar 240 hp engine won't start. I think this is down to a broken starter solenoid and I am trying to find where to get one from in the UK. I have a part number but that isn't helping me on Google (2768101-A). Whilst diagnosing the problem I looked in the electrics inspection hatch in the cockput and noticed two quite large switches and just wondered what they are for? Wiring on the boat seems pretty complex with lot of opportunities for salt water to work its corrosive magic. Getting access to the port starter engine has literally left me covered in bruises on my back so there is a good reason marine mechanics are young and lean Apart from the frustration of not being able to use my new (to me) Monterey 282, I think the boat is great and I am hoping that the weather this Spring/Summer will let us really enjoy our boat and build our skills. Newbie mistake number one for us was not realising that an engine was in gear and therefore refused to start Trying to finger berth for the first time with only one engine against a breese strong enough to prevent 3 point turns was a good test of character I needed to reverse it in, jump off and pull it in with ropes. Regards Seahope
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