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  1. I replaced both impellers on my Monterey 322CR before launching this year. I initially had problems with the port side engine impeller not priming properly. Had to suck water up the hose going into the thermostat housing to get the pump primed. After running for just a short bit, I noticed the temperature climbing and found the hose again was dry. The impeller was not seating properly and not pumping water. I put back in the old impeller (thankfully I kep t it) and the old impeller works fine. Visually the two impellers appear identical. Has anyone ever experienced a similar problem? A mechanic suggested the pump housing was worn causing the new impeller not to seat properly. I am also having problems with the starboard engine when running at 3000 rpm it starts to overheat. Appears to be getting water properly at idle and does not overheat. The boat is a 2003 and I just replaced the risers and thermostats on both engines. Can't come up with why the starboard is overheating. Any ideas? Same mechanic speculated I might have a hole in a hose in the outdrive. Perhaps when the boat gets up on plane and the outdrive is partially out of the water the hose might be letting in air.
  2. Found the fuses. Replaced the 10amp fuse on the tilt motor.
  3. I have a 2003 model 322. Yesterday, I picked up a line with my port side engine. Now my tilt motor will not raise or lower the outdrive. Is there a fuse or reset button?
  4. Can you tell me where I can get a replacement plexiglass hatch (small one) for my 2003 322. Marina broke over the winter and they are having a difficult time finding a replacement.
  5. I need to replace 2 pieces of my camper on my 2001 Model 322. Any ideas?
  6. Purchased used 2003 Model 322. First trip out both tanks had 1/2 full. When done port tank was 1/4 full and starboard tanks was still reading 1/2. Do the two tanks cross feed each engine? Do the lines have shut off valves? (I can't find them)
  7. Any ideas how to fix my Depth Guage. The guage only reads when I use the up/down buttons. It is blank otherwise.
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