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  1. Most, thanks for the advise, I gave up on stowing an anchor, nothing of good size would fit, at least that would hold me. Still searching for a good holding one for the sand, not good results this last trip to lake powell, will keep you posted. On a new topic, I really wish i had ordered/purchased the boat with the ski tower. Can you tell me where Monterey had this made, purhaps a part number and contact info too? Additionally, where should I have it installed, there are no local Monterey dealers by me in Huntington Beach, California. Please advise.
  2. I was hoping to get some advise, I took off the back prop on the duo prop, to have it polished and balanced, and did not note how the nut goes back on. Does the angled side of the nut go against the prop so the flat side is facing out? Please advise.
  3. Having a hard time finding an anchor that fits in the bow hole for my 2007 263 ex. The FX7 is 19" wide and the reccomended size, however, the hole is only about 15' wide and not deep enough. What was the anchor that came with this boat new, I just picked this up 40 hours used..... Any thoughts????
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