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  1. Hello! I have a 2002 322 Monterey with 300hours on it. Boat has ALWAYS ran great and never any problems. However, a couple weeks ago, I was involved in an unfortunate accident while anchored where a Jet Ski collided into my Starboard side, dead center between my registration numbers and water line at around 35-40MPH. By the grace of God, the Jet Skier survived and is recovering. Shortly after the accident, I noticed the boat listing about 2 inches to the PORT SIDE. Visable damages to the outside are a cracked hull where I was hit and then another structual crack on the inside under the V-BERTH, starboard side at the bulk head stringer joint. There is NO apparent water coming into the boat at all, at least from what I can see from looking under the V-BERTH, the Cabin bilge area or engine compartment. My question, with this type of structual damage could this be causing the boat to List to the PORT SIDE, about two inches or so? The listing occurs on a FULL or EMPTY Water tank, both fuel tanks are at half full. I usually keep ALL tanks full and have NEVER had an issue with listing whatsoever. I have talked to the fiberglass repair people and they said, its weight, nothing more, nothing less and the boat is designed this way...I am sure that is NOT the case, since the problem never existed BEFORE the accident. Any information on where I can look for water or if a bulk head/stringer joint would cause this would be greatly appreciated. Can this be repaired? My fiberglass people tell me these repairs are no big deal, but I am concerned about their knowledge and the integrity of the hull overall. Do you have suggestions of where else I could look for water, if any?
  2. Hello! I have a 2002 322 Monterey Cruiser and two of the overhead cabin lights are burned out. Would someone be able to give me the replacement bulb number? I looked at the current lights, but cant read out the numbers on the bulb....There are a total of six lights, three above the setee and three overhead when you walk down the cabin. Also, does anyone have a good suggestion for replacement lights for the Faria Guages? While running at night, I cannot make out ANY of the instruments. They all light up, but they are so dim, you cannot read anything... Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated!
  3. All- I recently purchased a 2002 322 Monterey with less then 70 hours on it. Everything runs great and I love the boat. However, the faria guages are VERY dim lit at night. You barely can read the guages, if at all while running at night. Does anyone have any suggestions? I understand the faria guages have a lifetime warranty? If in fact they are the guages themselves? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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