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  1. What model/brand stereo is currently in your boat ?kenwood km 300mr = it doesnt ave any front inputs and i vcannot get to the back of it t add a usB ADAPTER THAT Is AVAILABLE THROUGH KENWOOD. What requirements do you have for the upgraded stereo ? Bluetooth,yes Mp3yes USB?Video?novideo Adding an Amp ? Subwoofer ? Using stock speakers or upgrading there too ?no -tock,speakersare ok no sub wooferneeddedexistingsound levels are ok
  2. i would like to upgrade the stereo in my 2007 250cr, and could use some help on how to get thehe old one out and any recommendations for a replacement. Thanks
  3. I just had a 6000 BTUH Marine Air unit installed in my 2007 250cr. They located the unit and the pump underneeth the starboard cabin seat, the filter and intake under the step access. One supply near the return in the dinette table area, and one supply in the aft cabin. would have preferred running the cabin supply up thru the closet and discharge above the closet, however, you will use some closet space unless the cutout the closet wall most starboard side. New 30 amp shorepower, and breaker located by thermostat mounted by microwave. Only problem is must close intake valve before going underway, the lift of the bow will cause pump to loose prime. Hasnt been a problem since. Some may say to put pump and intake filter in the engine compartment. Install was done by a Monterey Dealer.
  4. The cabin hatch bracket, that looks like it was glued to the hatch came apart. Any recommendations on a glue to reattach?
  5. I am thinking of adding ac to my 2007 250cr. Where would the factory located the ac/heat unit, and the pump. Is there one supply air outlet, or would there have been one installed in the aft cabin too. I believe there is room to install a second 30 amp shore power next to the factory installed shore power plug.
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