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  1. I have a 2005 270CR. My v-berth cushions in the cabin are looking tired. They've begun cracking and flaking along their edges. They are a beige vinyl material. Can you tell me who made these and how I can obtain replacements? I searched the forum and saw other similar questions on older boats, and MOST indicated that boats more than 10 years old they no longer have the records. I'm hoping that since I'm still within 10 years you may still have this info. Thanks.
  2. The air conditioner on my 2005 270 CR is running, but not blowing cold air. There is not water flowing out of the through-hull on the side of the boat and it's about 103 here in Marlyland. I opened up the stainer on the other side of the raw water intake. It wasn't all that dirty but I cleaned it out anyway....still no cold air or water flowing. I figured my next steps should be to close the through hull seacock, remove the hose between it and the strainer to make sure it's not blocked, then briefly open the seacock to ensure it's not blocked. Assuming I have water flowing on that end, it would have to be the pump that's either clogged or broken correct? Are there other steps that I should take to confirm this? When the air conditioner is on, the pump in the engine compartment is running, although it does seem to be making a clicking noise. Is there also something I should check on the a/c unit in the cabin?
  3. I recently purchased a 2005 270 CR. The original owner has not opted for the TV from the options package, however there is a switch on the 12v panel for it. That said, can it be assumed that the appropriate wiring can be found behind the kitchen console where the tv would be if they chose that option? ie - does Monterey run the wiring even if the option is not selected later on? There is not a plug visible but having the wiring back there would make installing a plug a much easier job. If the wiring is not there, any thoughts on how I could "fish" it over to the 12V panel on the other side of the cabin?
  4. "Expensive Habit" - 2005 270CR on the Bohemia River in Chesapeake City. My wife would only agree to buying the boat if I quit smoking!
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