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  1. HELP!!!!!!! I can't get anything to post! I've contact Monterey, even re-registered with a different email. Still no luck. PLEASE Monterey fix this or have the board gods let me know how to get it fixed. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Update! I cut a larger hole in the bottom of the ski locker and took pictures down inside the hull, fore and aft. There is no drain pipe at all! I was pretty surprised. Monterey said the dealers had the option to order the boats without this back when the boat was built in '97. Hmmmm If this posts, I will post pics tonight so you can see what I'm talking about
  3. Matt, What year is the boat. I'm sure someone will also ask for the hull ID# which is stamped into the hull on the stern of the boat.
  4. I tried with the fish tape again last night with no luck. I crawled back into the engine compartment and finagled my arm around to reach up into the "drain" that drains into the bilge. I couldn't reach very far into it and couldn't feel and type of a pipe or anything. It feels like more of a flat, wide area where maybe multiple things drain. I'll keep trying with the fish tape. Maybe there is some type of pipe that is clogged and I'm just not getting the fish tape into it. It is very, very difficult though with the engine in the way. Any ideas are appreciated. Thanks again, Greg
  5. Yes, that's what it feels like. It only goes so far then it stops. I've pulled it out a few inches, pushed it back in a few inches repeatedly to try to get it to go but for some reason it won't. I'm wondering if the fish tape is too stiff to maybe negotiate a bend in the pvc?
  6. 1997 Montura 186. There is standing water in the ski locker and it won't drain. I've tried running a fish tape up the drain pipe that runs into the bilge without success. The drain hole in the bottom of the locker runs into the hull I guess, there is no drain pipe attached to it. Any ideas? My hull ID# is RGFJ04166697
  7. is thinking about being on the water ASAP!

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