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  1. Yeah I definitely have used the TRIM TABS at 100% down and it does help to a certain degree...... The problem is, you have retract them at exactly the same time or the boat will roll heavily one way or the other. As for the props, I am running F5's which according to the documents I found on those props, I am definitely on the end of the curve with the F5's but I am supposed to still get 4800 RPM with those. And usually if say you go with an F5 as oppose to F3, I might get on plane alot slower but should be faster on the top end. Where as if I had an F3 as oppose to an F5, I could get on plane alot faster but lose speed on the top end. Where as right now, I don't have both....
  2. Hello all, I was hoping to get some help with the performance issues I am having with my 245CR. I bought the boat with 34.5 hours on it, and since I have owned it the boat has had some performance issues getting up on plane. I have done fuel filters, spark plugs, etc.... The engine sounds very healthy not missing at all. I have had it where there has been 5 people in the boat with me and I could not get on plane. There have been a couple of other times just pulling the kids on the tube when I could not get up on plane. My engine is the upgraded Volvo GXi 320hp, so I figure with this small of a boat it should pop up on the water and really scoot. I can only get 4400rpm and around 38mph out of her. I am running F5 props which might be a little on the tall side but according to the charts I should still be able to get 4800RPM. And I would understand if my boat came out of the hole slow but had top end, however it seems that I don't have either really... I am not really sure where to start looking. Any help would be greatly greatly appreciated. Regards,
  3. Try www.Westmarine.com or www.taylormadeproducts.com
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